Carpal Tunnel Sufferers, Take Heart - Finally, There Is A Bonafide, Safe, Effective, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment You Can Do In The Comfort Of Your Home!

Finally, A Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment To Get You Immediate Relief From Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain, Tingling And Numbness And Help You Heal As Fast As Your Body Can, Without Medications Or Surgery!

Learn The Simple Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment That The Renowned, Dr. Leaf Has Used To Help 100's Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Sufferers Heal QUICKLY!

Sorry All, The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Home Treatment Program Is Only Available in it's Draft Form Right Now. It Still Needs Editing To Make It Easier To Understand. - YOU CAN STILL BUY IT AND USE IT IF YOU ARE IN A LOT OF PAIN TO GET BETTER, BUT IT WILL TAKE MORE WORK. THE FULL VERSION IS A WEEK OR TWO AWAY

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Testimonial From The Captain Of The Love Boat



From The Desk Of Dr. David Leaf

Dear Carpal Tunnel Sufferer,

Are you here because you are like Carol and Harold?

Carol came in with chronic weakness, numbness and pain in her hand and forearm? Harold's grip was so weak he could not even hold a knife to do his work as a butcher.

Carol was having problems at work, typing at the computer. She would get an ache that would intensify as the day went on so that by the time she went home she had difficulty making dinner let alone do the dishes afterwards.

Then to make matters worse, she would wake up at night with her hand locked in a claw and could not move it. It hurt, was stiff and she would shake it to make it move.

Harold found that after working 30 minutes the knife that he was trying to chop with would end up flying out of his hand. He owned his own little butcher shop and had problems keeping employees because of the "flying knife". I know, it almost sounds a bit comical but this is how it was.

Carol had gone the route of anti-inflammatories, braces to sleep with and was facing surgery when she came to the office.

Harold had already had unsuccessful surgery once and had no desire to go through it again.

Carpal tunnel syndrome for both of these had become a living nightmare.

They came to my office as a 'last hope', at their wits end, skeptical because they had already tried 'everything under the sun'. But, because their friends recommended it and told them I would teach them how to treat and take care of themselves and they had nothing to lose, they did come.

What happened?

After a few simple tests we discovered that both of them had carpal tunnel syndrome and a nerve entrapment in another area too. (This is  actually very common because when there is a problem in one area it causes a problem in another.)

They also learned what really caused their carpal tunnel syndrome and were shown shown what to do and how to reverse it, (along with their other problems) to allow their bodies to heal all from home.

They walked out of my office that day in less pain and with their hands already stronger than when they came in! [Their frustrations and fears had turned into into] hope, they had confidence now that they had found the solution to their carpal tunnel syndrome nightmare.

Over the next few weeks their symptoms progressively diminished. After about 6 weeks, they gained strength, the numbness went away, the pain was gone, they could hold onto things again and they didn't think about their hand problems anymore.

Here is what Carol has to say:

"I was told that the only thing that might help was surgery"

"I was at the end of the line and out of hope.

The neurologist said surgery was the only answer. I went to Dr. Leaf and he showed me how the nerves were trapped and how to take the pressure off of them.

He then told me how I got this, where the muscle and ligaments were weak and finally how to strengthen them. In the beginning, I had to exercise my wrist every two to three hours, now I am down to three times a week and I feel good.

Carol, Fall River, MA


Here is what Harold has to say:

"I was told I would have to retire"

"I drove down from Montreal on the advise of a friend. I just could not continue to work with the hand I had. It was either fix it or retire.

After the visit with Dr. Leaf, I was able to correct my wrist, tape it and work a full day with strength in my hand. I continue to do the exericses, they don't take more than 3 minutes a day and the problem hasn't come back."

Harold, Montreal, CA

These are not isolated cases. I have treated literally hundreds of people for carpal tunnel syndrome. All of them that followed my program recovered except one.

She had unsuccessful surgery but even afterwards, by following my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment Program she improved. To be honest I don't even know if she really did follow the program before but I guess it's possible because nothing in medicine, or life for that matter, is 100% successful.

If you're here, to some degree or another, you or someone you know is probably in a similar boat as Carol and Harold. But just as they got better you too can take heart because...

My Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment Program Can Work For You Too!

Once you understand that what causes carpal tunnel syndrome and it's symptoms are weakened muscles that allowed repetitive motions or a sudden trauma (such as a fall) to cause your wrist to lose it's natural shape, causing the nerves to get trapped, producing swelling and inflammation; it only makes sense that the secret to treating it is to reverse the process; releasing the trapped nerves, reducing the swelling and inflammation and strengthening the weakened muscles.

When you download your copy of my home carpal tunnel syndrome treatment you too will understand how carpal tunnel syndrome develops and exactly how to treat it to reverse it.

It's not a miracle cure though, there just isn't one. Anybody who tells you there is lying to you. You see carpal tunnel syndrome, while at times coming on suddenly as a result of a fall or other strong impact, many times occurs due to repetitive stress over a sustained period of time. Either way though it is usually because your wrist structures were in a weakened state.

Within minutes though you will be able apply the first steps of treatment. You will get some relief from your pain and an increase in strength in your hand. This will no doubt give you hope too that your carpal tunnel syndrome really can be treated. You may even give a little whimper of relief as your fears start to melt away and you are able able to start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It took time for them to get into that weakened state that allowed so it will take some time to build them up again. Once you do that though your body will heal itself like it's made to do. Fortunately, as with Carol and Harold this doesn't need to take very long.

Over the next few weeks you'll steadily feel the pain, burning, tingling and numbness subside. You'll get back to sleeping well at night. You'll no longer drop things because your grip is weak. You'll naturally start to do all the little things that require the use of your hand.

Before you know it carpal tunnel syndrome won't affect your life anymore. It will become a fading memory and all you'll have to do is complete the program to put it completely in the rear view mirror.

The techniques you learn in my program will not only help your carpal tunnel syndrome heal completely but will give you the tools you need so that you never have a recurrence. Prevention is a piece of cake once you understand the treatment.

Here is what some more of patients have said:

Baseball Player

"I was having problems holding the ball firmly and giving it the twist I needed to throw a curve. After doing the exercises that I was given, the strength increase was terrific. I can now throw a wicked curve."

Scott, Brocton, MA


Dead arm

"It was my hand, my forearm my whole arm that felt dead. I found that I had three areas where the nerves were involved causing my problem. I did what I was told and now it feels like the old arm again."

Rick, Newport RI


Weak Grip

"I am an electrician and I need my hands. The strength was just gone. I couldn’t put any pressure on a pair of pliers and had trouble opening jars. After doing the exercises, the first day I could open a jar. It took a few weeks but I have my strength back and am as good as new."

Hi, my name is Doctor David Leaf and I understand, after all you've been through it might be difficult to believe that there is a simple treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome that you can do in your home; one that doesn't involve more medications and surgery... but there really is.

You are in pain, maybe even severe pain. Or it could be you have no pain just numbness, tingling and a loss of strength. Your hand may be so weak that your dropping things. You're not only concerned about getting effective treatment and getting back to your normal activities of life, but you want to get it before your condition worsens.

You're probably afraid that you might never get better, that you might even need more severe treatment like 'going under the knife'. But don't worry, there is hope!

I really have helped hundreds of people to recover fully from carpal tunnel syndrome. My Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment Program is effective, simple, quick and painless. It doesn't require medications and certainly not surgery. And you'll feel better from the 'get go'.

Let me tell you a shocking story as to why I understand being skeptical and afraid. Believe me, I agree, those fears at times are fully justified.

Like everybody else I've had my share of health problems and the concerns and fears that go with them too.

But the realization of just how dangerous some medical treatments can be hit me hard in August of 2001. A terrifying ladder accident left my foot hanging by a thread.... One doctor wanted to amputate my leg just below the knee.

I found another surgeon and fortunately I am able to walk normally today. But I shudder think of what might have been, myself limping around on an artificial leg not able to enjoy many of the normal activities of life ever again. Scary! Unfortunately, there are doctors in all fields, limited, in a similar way, by what they don't know.

This is especially true in regards to the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Most traditional means of treating carpal tunnel syndrome like braces, steroid injections, pain killers and especially surgery may help some, (Do you really want to have surgery though, especially when in all probability you don't need it?) sometimes only temporarily and many times just prolong the problem or even make it worse because they don't get to the root problem.

Surgery may even leave you much worse off as it alters your body structure and can have many complications. (more on this later)

Steroid injections, short term - are a miracle but long term cause weakening of the tissues. This is bad not only for your carpal tunnel syndrome but a host of other things too.

Anti-inflammatories cause potential damage to the stomach, intestines or the liver. Short term they may be fine - but when you have to depend on them for months or years - watch out. If you truly need anti-inflammatory help here are natural things you can do and they are included in my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Home Treatment.

Braces just contribute to your muscles getting weaker through immobilization and disuse.

Other medications, like pain killers only cover the symptoms.


Don't get me wrong please. I'm not one of those that is against traditional medicine...

Medicines help many people stay alive on a daily basis. If you have an infection that your body is not coping with, then an antibiotic is essential. 

If your pancreas can no longer make the insulin you need, then there is no option but to take it or suffer the consequences.

I've recommended surgery for some of my patients (only three times for carpal tunnel syndrome in over 30 years)and, as I told you above, surgery saved my own leg. So please, don't lump me in with that group.

But there is an effective, conservative, natural treatment for carpal syndrome that is little known and little taught and practiced. Why?

Because the answer is not found in a pill that the drug companies can sell you.

The answer lies in following a program that includes the three simple steps of releasing trapped nerves, reducing swelling (no need for pills) and building up weak muscles with exercises for just a few minutes a day. You can do them in your home and you won't have to go to a physical therapist or a doctor 20 times to learn how.

Hard to believe? Well,you're probably here because none of the 'conventional methods' have solved your carpal tunnel syndrome up until now, right?


I Really Have Helped, Literally, 100's Of People Recover From Carpal Tunnel Syndrome And Taught Thousands Of Other Professionals To Do The Same!

I don't want to brag, but I do want to let you know who I am, what I've done and who and how many I've helped so you'll have confidence that my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment Program can help you too - because it can.

I don't want you to continue to suffer with carpal tunnel syndrome and constantly seek treatment after treatment that simply doesn't work. There is no need for that from this point forward!

You see I learned to treat carpal tunnel by studying the mechanics of the wrist, how it moves and the function of the muscles, ligaments and nerves in the area. I began studying the role of muscles in health problems right after I got out of college.

I have been a licensed chiropractor for over 30 years. During this time I've treated literally 100's of people, for carpal tunnel syndrome.

I have been speaking at seminars internationally for over 30 years, since 1977 teaching doctors how to heal these problems. From Russia, Switzerland, France and  Italy to Australia with the USA and Canada in between, I have taught thousands of doctors these techniques!

Beyond this I have written papers on the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome and the nerve entrapments of the extremities.

What I'm trying to say (again, without bragging although it may not sound that way) is that there is probably no one more qualified then I am to treat your carpal tunnel syndrome. I didn't say I'm the only one, there are others, many of them I've taught, but to my knowledge and from what I see none of them make this treatment available worldwide or online.


I have Treated NFL, NBA and NHL Players As Well As Olympic Athletes, Track And Field Athletes And Over 20 Olympic Medalists And Professional Soccer Players From The AC Milan Soccer Team In Italy Without Medications Or Surgery!

Although all of these weren't treated specifically for carpal tunnel syndrome like you have, many were for carpal tunnel syndrome and others very similar repetitive stress injury syndromes. Tendonitis is a very common sports injury and it's a very 'close cousin' to carpal tunnel syndrome which itself is a form of tendonitis.

The treatment for all forms of tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, as well as tendonitis in the knee, hip socket, foot and ankle are all properly treated in very similar ways. That is why I offer treatment for all these other injuries too.

If you think about it, these world class athletes can afford any treatment in the world for their injuries. But when it came to getting back on the field quickly (returning to their jobs) and many times avoiding surgeries, have turned to me. I think this speaks volumes. So please 'listen' to what some have say.

Here are the Jerseys of some of the players from the AC Milan Soccer team that hang in my office:







Again, if all these people with virtually unlimited resources allowing them to choose from any doctors and treatments available worldwide, look to me (many even traveling thousands of miles) to treat their musculoskeletal problems, (carpal tunnel is one) do you think you can trust me to treat yours too? You can!

When I tell you that the best treatment for your carpal tunnel syndrome doesn't require a brace, medications, steroid injections, a leave of absence from work, a career change or surgery you can take it to the bank!

If you follow my system you too should recover from your carpal tunnel syndrome too! If for some reason you don't (nothing in life works 100% of the time and the lawyers don't recommend I say that) you're covered by my 60 day money back guarantee. But really, this should work for you. It does for almost everybody.

So let me tell you what my carpal Tunnel Treatment Syndrome Treatment Program will do for you.


My Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment Program Will Help You Heal As Fast As Your Body Possibly Can!

In my Carpal Tunnel Treatment Program I'll walk you, step by step, through every phase of treatment. You'll learn just what you need to do to completely reverse the process that caused carpal tunnel syndrome to develop in the first place.

This will progressively allow your arm, wrist and hand to heal until you recover fully and get rid of the pain, burning, tingling, numbness, hypersensitivity (in severe cases) and weakness once and for all.

In my system I'll show you exactly how in writing, with illustrations and by means of high definition video on live people how to progress through every phase of treatment. It will be as if you were in my office with me at your side guiding you every step of the way.

You'll learn the very same muscles tests I use on my patients to diagnose the problems and to monitor the progress of your recovery from carpal tunnel syndrome. This will allow you to know exactly when you are ready to move on to he next phase of treatment.

Here Is What My Carpal Tunnel Treatment Program Will Do For You:

The whole program, including the videos, is contained in one document (yes that's possible) to make it as easy as possible to use. You'll hear my voice and see me demonstrate in video, the very same things my patients have paid me hundreds of dollars to show them, only you won't have to come to Plymouth, MA.

All the tests, inflammation reducing techniques, stretches and exercises I 'prescribe' are benign. None cause pain or do any damage to you. Just follow the directions in the book, pictures and videos and you will know exactly what you have to do, when and and in what order to do it to be lead safely through every step of every phase of treatment. It'll be very clear and easy once you have everything in your hands!

It is all spelled out for you in plain, clear, English with no medical background needed to understand. And again, the illustrations and video virtually eliminate any possibility of confusion.

I have complete confidence that my program will easily and safely provide you the relief you've so desperately been seeking!

As soon as you download the program some relief is literally moments away and recovery not far behind! Once you learn this system you'll also understand how to take care of yourself so you don't have a recurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome again! Really prevention is a piece of cake once you understand the treatment.

Everything is clear and super easy to follow in this program. I have left no stone unturned but just in case I missed something you can ask me on my blog, send me an email and I or my staff will answer usually within 24 hours. (weekends excluded) This personal access to me will only be available for a short time but it is now so take advantage of it while you can.

Again I am putting everything you could possibly need to recover from carpal tunnel syndrome right 'in your hands'. At times my patients would lose the instruction sheets or forget one of the steps, tests or exercises and have to come back to my office needlessly. That will never happen to you because the whole treatment will be on the hard drive of your computer for you to refer to it whenever you need to.

This is truly an easy to follow, step by step, foolproof program to treat your carpal tunnel syndrome so that it will heal in the minimum time that your body possibly can!

In just 3 sessions a day, that total no more than about 15 minutes you'll know exactly what you need to do to do so your body can heal itself as it's meant to do. Once you've developed full-blown carpal tunnel syndrome your body is too weak to take any more than that any way.

You should actually heal to a point where your carpal tunnel will not greatly interfere with your life in about 3-4 weeks. You won't have to take a leave of absence from your job or any medications. And best of all - you will avoid surgery!

Will This Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Home Treatment Program Really Work For you?

Again, once you understand how carpal tunnel syndrome, CTS, develops in the first place why the treatment works makes perfect sense.

Carpal tunnel syndrome usually develops because your muscles 'give out' due to 'overuse'. This means they stop doing their job of holding your wrist together like their supposed to. (On occasion this happens due to the muscles not being strong enough to save your carpal tunnel from giving out due to a sudden trauma, like a fall. Either way the treatment is the same.)

Then the carpal tunnel collapses and the nerves and tendons are trapped. Further up the forearm, the nerves can become adhered to the muscle fibers or become entrapped when the muscles tighten. As they swell they expand. There is no space for them to expand so this just causes further swelling. Basically this becomes a vicious cycle.

The trapped nerve produces the pain, tingling, numbness and hypersensitivity (at advanced stages) that is called carpal tunnel syndrome.

It only stands to reason then that by reversing the process, eliminating the stresses on your arm that caused CTS to develop that your body's natural healing powers will take over and lead you back to health. Fortunately, once those stresses heave been relieved your body can recover fully and you can put your carpal tunnel syndrome nightmare behind you completely. Usually that takes about a month.

Carpal tunnel syndrome and its cousin the ulnar nerve tunnel syndrome, also at the wrist, is caused by the median nerve being trapped by tissue at the wrist bones. Again, when this happens, the nerve becomes swollen which results in the pain, burning, tingling, numbness and sometimes hypersensitivity. For the wrist bones to collapse, the ligaments and muscles that support the wrist bones are weak and become stretched.

If you let this go to long, then scar like tissue can build in the area then you really do have to have surgery to remove it. However, this is rarely necessary as long as you take an active role in reversing the process. How do you do that?

Again, you have to release the trapped nerves, reduce the swelling and strengthen the muscles so they once again hold you wrist together like their supposed to. It's not hard at all and it doesn't take very long when you know how.

You'll see this once you understand better how muscles work.

Muscles work in pairs. When one is tight and short the other is relaxed and long. To see this 'make a muscle'.

Now feel your bicep (top of upper arm), it's short and hard. Feel your triceps (bottom of upper arm) it's soft and loose.

Now straighten out your arm out or push against a door or wall.

Your bicep is now soft and loose while your triceps got hard and tight.

Leave your arm it that position for a month and the triceps will hurt and be 'frozen' that way. Your bicep would be weak form underuse. This adversely effects the elbow and the shoulder and the result is ache and pain when you use them. In that condition you could do very little with your arm without causing pain.

To help your arm recover you'd have to first 'loosen' up the tight muscles (a tight muscle can't be strengthened as it tears) and then gradually strengthen them both.

This is exactly what happens to the pronator muscles or your forearm when you have carpal tunnel syndrome. These muscles are not used that much in our life so they tend to get weak.

We tend to use the opposing muscles, the supinators. These are the ones that rotate our forearm to turn the palm upwards. (The pronators turn the palm downwards.)

A common cause of carpal tunnel is putting excessive stress through the hand like on leaning on your hand or using hour hand to push on objects like doors. This causes excessive stress to the ligaments that support the wrist stretching them. The bones of the wrist then collapse on the tendons and nerves in the carpal tunnel.

The last common cause is poor posture that causes entrapment of the nerves in the neck or shoulder. In fact, there are over 5 places that the nerve can become entrapped from its exit in the spine to the hand. You will be shown how to find out if you have nerve problems in these areas.

My carpal tunnel syndrome treatment program will show you first how to release the trapped nerves. It only takes about 3 minutes. This is what will provide you some relief from pain immediately. Then you will learn how to reduce swelling without taking any pills. This will help alleviate pain even further.

Your muscles are still weak though, you'll have to repeat this process quite frequently, every couple of hours, in the beginning until we can build up your muscle strength so we can get them to stay relaxed enough to start strengthening them so they begin to hold wrist together again like they're supposed to.

So really, once you understand these basic causes of carpal tunnel syndrome it's a no-brainer to see that the simple solution is, again, reversing the process; freeing the trapped nerves, reducing the swelling, stretching the short tight muscles, getting the elongated ones back to normal size and last and most importantly strengthening them both so they can hold your wrist together like they are supposed to.


Avoid Carpal Tunnel Surgery Like The Plague!

Really, if you're considering surgery why not try my program first? (If it doesn't work for you, which it will, it comes with a 60 day money back, no questions asked guarantee.) You can  always have surgery later. But again, you won't need to have surgery!

The surgeons tell you that surgery is no big deal but what do you expect? It's certainly no big deal for THEM! And hey it pays for their vacations and..... Sorry about the joking, but in all seriousness, surgery almost never, and I repeat NEVER, leaves you the same and many times it comes with all kinds of complications.

They tell you there is 2% chance of this and a 3%  chance of that and a 4 % chance of...... By the time you get done adding up all the little percents many times there's a 20-40% chance that something will happen. I hear about it and see it all the time.

The worst thing about surgery, beyond the pain and the possible complications, is that for carpal tunnel syndrome it doesn't really work. Many it only eliminates the numbness in your hand but not the pain in your arm and shoulder. And it's the pain that affects your life style more than anything else.

It is for this reason that even many hand and arm surgeons recommend you don't have carpal tunnel surgery.

Now I don't know about you, but when a hand and arm surgeon tells me that the way they make their living, by performing surgery, isn't a good option I LISTEN! I'm guessing you want to too.

It's simply a fact, surgery is just not an effective treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. You almost definitely will still have pain after the surgery, not only from the surgery, but carpal tunnel pain too.

Again, that's because carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by the weakening of the muscles that hold your wrist together. So the secret to treating carpal tunnel syndrome ultimately lies in strengthening the weakened muscles that hold your wrist together not damaging them (along with the nerves and tendons) further by cutting them. It's that simple!

What also affects this is that many times as was the case with Carol and Harold there are other nerve entrapments at other places and the surgery doesn't touch those. (I am including the self diagnostic tests and treatment for the other places you may have nerve entrapments too when you told my carpal tunnel syndrome treatment program just in case you have any of these.)

Beyond all this after surgery it can become quite difficult, if not impossible, to find complete, if any, relief from carpal tunnel syndrome because again, surgery alters your body's natural structure, the very structure that is vitally needed to recover from carpal tunnel syndrome. After surgery you might be doomed to living with the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome for the rest of your life. Gulp..... No exaggeration just a simple, plain and extremely unpleasant fact.


What This Isn't


Who My Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment Program May Not Work For


I've already had surgery, will you program work for me?

That's a good question and not as simple to answer as the others. It may help some but as I've indicated already for some it won't be possible. That depends on exactly what they did to you during your surgery. How much damage was done, how much scar tissue develops as a result of the surgery and how intact they left you.

It might help to some degree or another but I can't guarantee it will work for after you've had surgery. As I said, my system depends on your body's natural structure for the best chance of a complete recovery. It works best when all the parts that were originally there are still there and intact. That sometimes is not the case after surgery. My system may work after surgery or it may not. I'm sorry can't say more. You have little to lose in trying it though. It's not expensive and you are protected by a money back guarantee.

If you got better after the surgery but some of the symptoms have returned - you have a good chance of reversing the process.


Is It Possible My Condition Is To Far Gone To Recover?

In rare cases fibrous tissue has so built up in the area that it has to be removed surgically. The good news is that if you follow the the carpal tunnel syndrome treatment program you'll build the structures up before surgery so that you heel faster after surgery and prevent the problem from returning.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment Program Goes International As A Special Introductory Offer!

Until now, to benefit from my care for carpal tunnel syndrome you'd have had to come to my office in Plymouth, MA. You'd have had to make repeated trips and spend possibly hours in travel time and lots on gas (or airfare as some did) to get here. (As I mentioned above The AC Milan, Professional, Italian Soccer Team even flies me to Italy on a yearly basis to treat their players.)

This also has greatly limited the number of people that could benefit from my program. I really want to be able to help the millions of people worldwide that have carpal tunnel syndrome put an end to their suffering, both now and in the future.

I hate that there is such a simple, effective, solution for carpal tunnel syndrome but it's little known and available to so precious few. 

It saddens me (and makes me mad) that people go through all kinds of needless suffering and waste their time and money on treatments that are completely ineffective, many that make their carpal tunnel syndrome worse, and like in the case of surgery, sometimes permanently so.

Also a friend of mine helped me realize that if I didn't somehow package this information on how to treat carpal tunnel syndrome (and other ailments I treat) and make it easily available when I die it would be be lost for good. I certainly don't want that to happen!

So I created my digitally delivered "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Home Treatment Program".

As an introductory offer I'm making it available for far less than the price of an initial visit to my office of $120.00. Right now you can get your hands on the very same treatment that has helped hundreds of people recover from carpal tunnel syndrome for for just $ 47.00 and start to put it to work for you to help you recover from your carpal tunnel syndrome too.

I've also added my....

    100% No Questions Asked, 60 Day, Money-Back Guarantee!  

    Try it out My Carpal Tunnel Treatment Program for 60 days. If you are not satisfied with My Carpal tunnel Treatment Program in any way within those 60 days, just let me know. I'll send you a complete refund, no questions asked. The risk is all on me to deliver.

    I can't make it any simpler than that.

    David Leaf, DC

I'm offering you the chance to try my carpal treatment system at no risk to yourself! Could it be any fairer than that?

There are precious few that use the methods I do. No one, to my knowledge, is making them available worldwide at any price. I'm sure you'll agree that $47.00 is a very reasonable price to get a surefire method to get out of pain and back to the normal activities of life taught by a bonafide doctor. Really, this treatment is priceless when you consider the pain and suffering it will save you.

If you take into consideration what you might spend (and have spent) on gasoline going to and from doctors appointments, paying for treatments, medications (even if it's only copays) and probably more importantly the lost revenue due to time off from work I think $ 47.00 is downright, dare I say, CHEAP! It's about the same as the price as dinner for 2 at a decent restaurant. I'd say that's worth it to get rid of your carpal tunnel syndrome.

I really have helped hundreds of people recover from carpal tunnel syndrome.

So if it feels right to you hit the add to cart button below and get started on the road to recovery from your carpal tunnel syndrome. In just minutes from now you can have my entire program in your hands, by download, even if it's 3:00 AM.


You'll Get These Bonuses Too For Free!

Also if you buy my system now I'm also throwing in the following bonuses that will help you to recover faster from your carpal tunnel syndrome, help prevent recurrence and treat yourself for other nerve entrapments you may have in your arm neck or chest. This is very important because at times you may have these without knowing.


Bonus #1:MP3 recording of Carpal Tunnel Treatment Program(So you can listen at any convenient place.)


Bonus #2: Proper carpal tunnel syndrome diet. (Learn why and how your diet can help you recover faster)


Bonus #3:Proper Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Posture(You'll understand how your posture affects carpal tunnel syndrome and how to improve it fast. Don't underestimate the power of this as it relieves pain immediately!)


Bonus #4Radial tunnel syndrome diagnostic and home treatment program (It's not un common that you'll have that too and just in case I've got you covered!)


Bonus #5Thoracic outlet syndrome diagnostic and home treatment program (Unfortunately you could have this too but I've got you covered!) 


Three Reasons To Act NOW!


You're Not Getting Better And Probably Getting Worse As You Wait...

Unfortunately that is the case. So obviously, the main reason to start my carpal tunnel treatment program is so you can get on the road to eliminating your pain and recovering as soon as possible.

But the reality is that the longer you wait the longer it will take to recover and the more damage you could do. You must get treatment before permanent muscle damage 'sets in'.  It's vital because once that happens we'll be talking about how to live with and reduce the pain and other problems (what are they) that come with for the rest of your life rather than how to treat carpal tunnel syndrome so you can have a full recovery.

I don't like having to tell you that but it's much better that you hear it before it happens rather then after, when it's already too late.


This Is An Introductory Offer

The second is that this is an introductory offer to the downloadable version of the same program I've used to help 100's of my patients to recover from their carpal tunnel syndrome.

I'm at that stage of life where I can't keep traveling the world over lecturing and I don't want to practice forever. I have to start planning retirement. I'm very happy I can do this while at the same time helping potentially millions of people to recover from carpal tunnel syndrome.

What that means is I'll no doubt be raising the price in the near future. Hey, at least I'm being honest with you. So take advantage of it while it's available at this introductory price.


First 50 Get Personal Access To Me!

Also I, or my staff, will respond personally by email. (I'll send you my email address with my carpal tunnel treatment program.) This offer will probably only be available for about the first 50 people (I promise I will leave it open to at least that many.) people that buy my program. You see I want to get a lot of feedback in the beginning to see if I need to improve anything.

After that period though, if I do decide to continue to offer personal help at all, I'll obviously have to charge for my time.

So what are you waiting for? Your carpal tunnel syndrome won't get any better by thinking about it. Click on the Add To Cart Button below to start on the road to recovery now!

As soon as you complete your order a link to where you can download the program will be delivered to you by email.

You can also look forward to finding some relief immediate by following the three steps on page __.

To Your Speedy Recovery,


Dr. David Leaf 

P.S. The longer you wait, the longer you'll be in pain. Why wait when you can be pain-free and healed? The choice is yours.

P.P.S You are fully protected by an iron-clad, 60 day, 100% money-back guarantee.

P.P.S. This price is only an introductory offer.

Special Carpal Tunnel Self Diagnostic And treatment System Introductory Offer:
"Bonus #1 MP3 Recording of Program, Bonus #2 Diet Sheet, and Bonus # 3 Posture Sheet" Bonus # 4 Radila tunnel Syndrome Treatment, Bonus # 5 Thoracic outlet syndrome treatment

Special Introductory Price
$47.00 US


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