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Don't Let All Your Hard Work Go To Waste As Your Company Slips Through Your Fingers Just Because Your Books Got Out Of Control!

  • Get Your Books In Ship Shape Order - Fast!
  • Have A Clear Picture Of Your Financial Situation!
  • Gain Insights To Increase Profits And Cut Losses!
  • Save Big-Time On Taxes By Year-Round Planning!
  • Financial Planning Often Saves More Than It Costs!
  • Get A Qualified CPA For Reviews An Compilations!

CPA Seattle, WA

You Owe It To Yourself, Family, Investors And Clients To Have Honest And Qualified Accounting And Bookkeeping Services So You Have Tight Control Of Your Finances And Your Company Thrives!


Do you have the nagging feeling that your company has 'outgrown' its present bookkeeping or accounting methods? Are you really confident that all your books are being kept right, or are you just sort of hoping it will turn out OK in the end, almost like in the movies? Would you like the confidence that big company CPA’s provide, but can’t see yourself paying the big firm fees?

You don’t have to be nervous. 

And you don’t have to compromise.  Or overpay. 

Hi! I'm the owner of CPA Seattle Washington. You can enjoy the security that comes from having honest, professional accounting and bookkeeping services by a group of local CPA’s with experience helping both small and large regional firms. It's good to have someone on your side who knows all the ins and outs of both multimillion dollar businesses as well as smaller companies. Wait! Stop! Please don't leave; I know that sounds very expensive but it's not - We're not.

Actually you'll find our pricing to be in line with non-CPA accounting and bookkeeping services. You'll also get large firm experience together with the personalized service of a smaller firm. The best of both worlds.

More importantly professional accounting and bookkeeping services that pay sharp attention to detail with an eye toward profits, savings and improvements can be a major piece in the puzzle to your company's success, helping you cut costs and increase profits!

Many times our clients save more in efficiencies and taxes than our entire fee, so the net result turns out to be a very pleasant surprise!

When companies are on a growth track, and they get to a certain size, they usually need more than an in-house  bookkeeper or family member can provide. They need a qualified CPA that offers a full range of accounting and bookkeeping services. Many companies cost themselves a lot of money by holding back from hiring an outside professional bookkeeping service when they truly need it. Why?

It may be because they hate change or are just 'used to' doing it themselves. Maybe they rely on a family member or one other person who ‘knows the books’ and they are 'sure they can trust'. Maybe you even feel this way but you know you can't take your business to the next level without professional  bookkeeping or accounting help.

I understand that it's scary to put your books in someone else's hands; but if you're having trouble keeping up, if you're behind in recording transactions, if you can't do your taxes or you don't know where your business is headingit's time to make the investment in finding a qualified, honest bookkeeper and accountant to get or keep your business on track. At some point there is just too much to lose and it's too costly to not get professional help!

Give me a call and we can make time to meet. We're in Seattle but we cover all of North Seattle too. You can come to our office or to make it convenient for you I'll gladly arrange a convenient time to come to your office  or home. After we meet you can decide if you feel comfortable. I'm confident you will.

We try hard to make ourselves people you want to do business with, people you'll like and trust. We even help our business clients on a more personal level, assisting them with personal financial planning and wealth management. Many of our clients have become our personal friends and that’s the way we prefer it because it makes our work so much more enjoyable!

Let me take a few minutes and explain some of the ways we can help you by saving you money and making your company more profitable.


Financial Reports Reveal Make Or Break Opportunities For Your Business Or Potential Killers!

Financial reports are vital to any business, they are like a report card of how your company is doing. You or your present bookkeeper may see it only as an end result…. We see it as a sports team coach sees last weeks game score – it shows where improvements need to be made, what worked and what didn’t.

Only then can you steer your company in the directions that are most profitable. There are probably parts of your business that are very profitable and by giving these parts more of your time and attention your company could thrive and your life could be simpler, easier and your business more profitable. You could work less and make more profit!

Financial reports can also help you identify areas of your business that make you very little profit or are even losing you money right now. The sooner you discover these the better. You may need to to make major changes to these areas to make them profitable or even eliminate them completely so you can concentrate on what is REALLY working for you.

Unfortunately this need for major changes is more common than most realize. It could even be the difference between your company 'surviving' or not. You might even be shocked to learn that the 80-20 rule applies to your business' profitability; that 20% of your business is making you 80% of your profits and the other 80% is at or near break even or even losing you money!

It will be a huge relief when you are able to see clearly the big picture and know for sure what is making you money and what is costing you! That puts you in control, in the driver's seat so to speak, so you can than zero in on the details to figure out what can be done and what areas you need to focus on to improve your situation.

Almost without exception family members and in-house bookkeepers don’t have the training nor the thousands of hours of accounting and bookkeeping experience under their belts nor the variety of industry experience to even begin to see the possibilities hidden between the lines.

With us on your side you'll benefit from the collective experience we've gained from working with many firms, some smaller and some larger, and seeing what worked for them in situations like yours.

Whether you use us or someone else please don't miss out on these opportunities for increasing profits and cutting losses that almost certainly will never be seen and/or implemented unless you get professional help. This could cost you tens of thousands or even millions of dollars, especially over the years.


Avoid Tax Confusion And IRS Problems

If a family member or bookkeeper handles the routine transactions all year and then tries to pass the books on to a CPA who only does the taxes, there’s a good chance someone can ‘drop the ball’, misunderstanding the transactions and costing you money.

Having the same person that do your bookkeeping and taxes will make it so that at the end of the year there will already be a very good understanding of what happened in your business, and this can go a long way toward avoiding costly errors. It’s much smoother.

Beyond that, having a trained eye constantly examining what is happening in your business can turn out to be a huge savings on your taxes. When financial planning is done right year-round, the tax savings at times will even more than cover the additional expense of qualified accounting and bookkeeping services.

As your business grows and your accounting and bookkeeping get more complicated, not only might you save yourself from paying a lot in extra taxes you might also save yourself from making errors on your tax returns. Errors that could flag you for an audit and even make it look to the IRS like you are trying to cheat them. You could cause yourself major problems because you really do, unknowingly, break their rules and I don't think we want to have to talk about all that could mean.


Make Sure You Stay In Business

If you are newly in business for yourself, eventually, to get your company where it needs to be you are likely to need some type of help with budgeting, projections and financial planning. 

A part of financial planning you need to consider once you go into business for yourself is retirement planning. Now that you have no employer you also have no 401k, retirement plan or any type of pension.

Sooner or later these all must be addressed or it won't be long before you decide that having your own business 'isn't for you' or you'll just 'see the need' to go get a job again.

As you've probably heard most (63% be some measures) small businesses fail in the first 5 years. Most times you can chalk it up to bad budgeting and financial planning (or none at all) or what we talked about above, not knowing what is profitable and what isn't.

Handling money can be a temptation to anyone, in a large or small company. Large companies have formal policies in place to avoid putting too much trust in one or two people in an accounting department. And even then, they have CPAs double check to test for honesty. Is your money less important? It’s a sensitive issue, but it needs to be addressed and you should feel comfortable discussing it with a professional.


Assurance For Third Parties

If your company needs financial statements for banks, investors, limited partners, or leasing companies, it just won’t fly to let a family member or bookkeeper handle it. Even if they have good skills, they need a CPA license to do formal compilations, reviews or compilations. So for this level of reassurance, you need a licensed professional or you won’t satisfy the third parties’ need for independent accounting.


Get Big Firm Experience With No 'Big Firm Attitude'

Let’s face it; no one likes an arrogant or abrasive accountant. Life is too short to deal with that sort of aggravation! I assure you you’ll be treated with respect from our staff, just like you deserve!

What I propose is simple: if what is described here sounds like what you want in the way of accounting and bookkeeping services than give me a call or submit the form at the upper right hand side of this page, and I’ll get in touch with you. Tell me what concerns you, and I’ll take it seriously. I'll do my best to put your mind at ease and openly discuss how we can put our experience to work for you!

We can talk initially on the phone if you want or I can come to your office or home or you can come to our office, whatever is more convenient for you.

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