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A Federal Mortgage Modification Can Save Your Credit, Home, Lifestyle And Family Cutting Your Mortgage By Half Or Even More!



Don't Just Stand Around, As A Toxic Mortgage Lets The Bank Take Away Your Home, While You Suffer The Pain, Embarrasment And Family Strain, And Watch Your Financial Life Go Down The Drain In A Devastating Foreclosure!

  • Stop Being Bullied By Banks And Loan Servicers!
  • Avoid Foreclosure Cutting Payments By Half Or More! - REALLY
  • Guaranteed Approval Or You Pay Nothing!
  • Attorney Negotiated Service! (RARE)!
  • Learn How Complex Financial Modeling Puts Lenders On Your Side!

Home Saved By A Federal Mortgage Modification!

You Owe It To Yourself And Your Family To Modify Your Mortgage, Saving Your Home From Foreclosure With Lower Payments, Interest Rates And More Time To Pay Before It's Too Late!

Hi! ................. I'm sure your wondering if what is said above is really possible. I understand because if I were you I'd be asking the same thing. Give me just a few minutes and I'll explain why and how it's possible! But it's important that you don't do what many do, paralyzed by anxiety, wait until it's too late!

I know you're probably waking up at night worrying about your mortgage payment. It's keeping you from concentrating, making you feel frustrated, helpless and angry. Causing family turmoil. Worrying about where you’ll live if you have to move. Right? A federal mortgage modification can accomplish more than you might think.

I want to encourage you not to lose hope, but you can't wait till it’s too late like so many do! That's what the banks wanted when they originally wrote those bogus mortgages! Don’t wait till the sheriff shows up with a moving van and you have no options but to leave behind your dreams and your pride! If you take advantage of a federal Mortgage modification now, you can save your home, preserve your investment and avoid the pain and embarrassment of foreclosure and possibly bankruptcy, not to mention the devastating consequences to your future financial life.

You’re not alone – the financial meltdown is right now affecting millions of people, people who never even had a late payment before. Adjustable rate mortgages, interest only mortgages and other poisonous flavors of home loans are doing more damage in America right now than even a determined terrorist could ever dream of! They’ve turned what used to be a stable industry into a group of high stakes poker players…… but they’ve been playing with your money! You can beat them at their own game by taking advantage of the Federal Governments new push for mortgage modifications.

The government stepped up to the plate with federal mortgage modification funding for a reason. In the last few years, some loans were written with terms and conditions in the fine print that were so bad for homeowners, the loan officers had a hard time to keep from laughing out loud while you were signing the contract. Did they ever level with you about what was best for your family at that moment, or did they just keep quiet and let you sign your life away, since they made a commission from selling your loan? Are they willing to help you out now? …….

Don’t hold your breath waiting for that!

You Might Be Asking "Can't I Just Negotiate A Mortgage Modification By Myself?"

The answer is both yes and no. Let me explain. You can try to negotiate with the bank that sold you your mortgage, but it's virtually impossible. In most cases the bankers you contact are no longer in charge of the loan. They’ve sold your loan, along with hundreds of others, to pools of mostly foreign investors. You won’t be able to get the investors’ phone numbers and contact them directly. You’ll just end up talking with your banker, a guy who was already paid in full, but now feels he has very little to gain from listening to a consumer.

You have every right to contact the banker and pour out your heart about job loss, family sickness, misunderstood loan provisions, basic fairness, your honest intentions, until you’re blue in the face…..but your chances are slim.

You can threaten to sue, call them over and over again, sit through endless phone voice messages repeating: “Thank you for calling Bank of BigBucks. We really, really, totally care about your call, so please, stay on the line for 30 more minutes while we lose the fax you sent us and we can claim you have to start all over again”…..but in almost every case, your wasting your time!

It can get so frustrating, you could scream and even that won’t do you any good.

The statistics for do-it-your-selfers in the loan modification field are pretty bleak with a success rate of under 20%. When people use a professional company to negotiate a mortgage modification the success rate is over 90%.

Additionally professionals are averaging reductions to 4.5 % - 5.5% mortgages in 80 % of the cases. Whereas do-it-your-selfers only get a small reduction of 1 % point, often only good for only 6 months.

At Federal Mortgage Modification we are averaging bringing our clients payments down often from 70 to 80 percent of their gross income down to one third! We use the banks own lending rules against them, forcing them into compliance with the very rules they disregard by keeping client’s mortgage payments impossibly high.

This means that not only can a professional modify your mortgage to get you a lower mortgage rate, where the real difference is found is in bring your Debt to Income ratio back into line. Bringing your monthly payment back to the guidelines set by the banks can see mortgage payments cut in half, or more, for some clients.

Usually the mortgage modifications we write save our client enough to pay our fee in just two months. After that the savings are all gravy. It could actually turn out long-term that the best thing that ever happened to you financially is the situation that caused you to need the mortgage modification in the first place as it can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your loan!

So can you do your own federal mortgage modification? Yes. Is it a good idea is a better question. It probably makes about as much sense as being your own accountant, lawyer or maybe even your child’s brain surgeon. Well.... you get the idea.

 There Is A Much Better Way To Save Your Home!

To solve your problem, you need to understand how bankers think, and why they don’t cooperate with you. Again, they usually don’t own your loan – they sold it up the river to investors as fast as the ink dried on your check, in most cases. (If they never pointed this out to you at the time, join the club! They never make a point of saying they sell the loan, even if it’s in tiny print on page 19 of your mortgage contract that they have the right to. It wouldn’t help their ‘closing rate’….) So, when you call, you aren’t really talking to the owner of the loan. They just manage the payments. Even if they want to cut you some slack, they’re scared of their investors. In essence, they’re afraid of what will happen to them if the investors feel they are being ‘nice’ to you. Contractual language forbids them from modifying the loans unless they have strong reason to do so. They’re worried about losing their jobs, not you losing your home. That’s why they end up BULLYING and BLUFFING you. They’re scared, plain and simple.

What they need is someone who ‘speaks their language’, banker-ese, so to speak. One of the only things that will move them to act is an attorney who understands the law and what their obligations are on the fine print of the mortgage contract and the loan servicing agreements. When the attorney is sophisticated enough to be able to point out financial modeling and projection charts that show the banker exactly how much the real damaging cost of a foreclosure will affect his investors, then the banker sits up straight for the first time and starts to listen! It’s a minor miracle when this guy finally realizes that it’s in the best interests of his investors, his bank and his paycheck and job security to finally, finally start taking you seriously! Now he has the data he needs to back up what You've been saying all along, that it makes sense to modify your mortgage so you can be at peace again.

Is This Really Possible? How?

Since graduating from Wharton School of Business in............... I've been rewriting mortgages for the last.........years. We’ve developed proprietary complex modeling software that allows us to demonstrate to banks and loan servicers the full hidden costs of foreclosure vs. modification.

Myself and my attorney contact your banker or loan servicer and help them see the advantages to them of modifying your loan.

Once your banker or loan officer finally see that modifying your mortgage is definitely a win-win-win situation for them, the loan holder and you they frequently do a complete 180! This gives them the confidence (and proof) to demonstrate to the lenders, servicers and investors the ugly reality that they’re hiding from – that foreclosing your home is a huge financial loss to them, costing them far more than the minor expense of a mortgage modification.

We know the mortgage business, and we know that loan holders don’t want to think about the full picture. They’d rather leave you to keep writhing in agony and keep staving off the wolves at your door every month, so they don’t have to face the music and deal with their own pain, that of managing real estate. What do I mean?

When they foreclose and take over your home they now have to manage it. But bankers are the worst real estate investors of all time! Each time they have to foreclose, they lose money, starting with legal costs, auction and appraisal fees, not to mention selling in a down economy with home prices falling. They’re much better off with you paying them every month, even at a reduced rate.

So while we’re polite and professional, we don't let them off the hook! When armed with the proper financial modeling that makes the full cost clear, it’s not as hard for us to get them to see the light that modifying your loan is the best thing for them because it's in the best interests of their precious investors! Fortunately that spells big savings for you as well! By showing them graphically the snake pit they’re about to step in, we give them the ammunition to back up your mortgage modification and justify it to the investors. It actually turns out to be a relief to them.

Does It Matter Which Company You Choose To Do Your Loan Modification?

If we lived in an ideal world, you could trust every company to do what they offer and then just pick one based on price alone. But in the real world, you know that some companies are a waste of time (and money!) and others really deliver the goods. Believe it or not, some of our competitors are actually hiring former loan officers to staff their modification departments! These are the same geniuses that got us all in this mess in the first place! Worse, some are hiring $10 per hour temporary employees to man the phones while others have gone beyond that even moving their entire mortgage departments to India for cost savings. That doesn’t make it any easier for you, to say the least.

When you contact us by calling 8 or by filling in the form above right, this is what you get:

  • Rock Solid Success Rate Of 95%.

      No One Wins All The Time, But That’s Pretty Close!

  •  Free Consultation And Money Back Guarantee If We Fail

  • As Much As 50 %, Or More Off Your Mortgage Payment

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