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Get A New, Modern, Comfortable, Power Wheelchair Delivered To Your Door In Just Days At Medicare's And Your Secondary Insurance's Expense With No Delivery Or Setup Fees And Enjoy The Freedom That Comes With Regaining Your Mobility!

  • Medicare & Secondary Insurance Pay!
  • All Paperwork Handled For You!
  • Prequalification Only Takes Minutes - Call NOW!
  • Power Wheelchair Is 100% Guaranteed On Prequalification - Really!
  • Delivery And Set Up Is Free!

Power Wheelchair

You're May Be Just Days Away From Regaining Your Mobility And The Freedom That Comes With It In A Lururious, New, Power Wheelchair!

  • Imagine the relief and joy you, your grandmother, mother or another loved can have when a brand new, luxuriously padded, power wheelchair shows up at the front door! You'll delight while the new power wheelchair is assembled knowing that in just minutes life is about to change!

    Once you or your loved one try out this new 'mobility machine', a power wheelchair it won't take long to realize how much more they can do! The grin on people's faces just keeps getting wider and wider. Many times tears flow from their eyes.

    It’s amazing how much difference it makes! Now they can go to the park, take a 'walk' with the grandkids or just get what they want in the other room, easily. The possibilities keep expanding.

    You will have the opportunity to try out your new power wheelchair to make sure it's working properly and is comfortable before our  technician ever walks out the door. We want you to be fully satisfied with your new power wheelchair! After all, so much of your happiness in life depends on it.  

    Hi, my name is Sam Saribekian from Easy Life Inc., and this is the freedom that you or your loved ones can regain! It is our privilege to make it possible and this is the part of the business I love.

    Most companies just point you to online catalogs and just leave it to you to decide what you want. But all the chairs start to look alike after a few minutes of that. We take great pleasure in helping you choose the best power wheelchair that fits you or your loved ones needs.

    Why not allow one of my trained mobility consultants to ‘take you by the hand’ and help you choose from all the latest and most comfortable chairs that exist. From name brands like Pride Mobility, Invacare and Shoprider but, most importantly, the one is best for you and your particular situation!

    But more than just the type of chairs, you need someone who understands the paperwork system that Medicare has, and how to speed it up so you don’t need to wait. We will take care of that in just a few brief phone calls.


    Find Out In Minutes If You Will Be Approved For A Chair


  • Once Approved No Cost Delivery Chair Is 100% Guaranteed


  • Doctor's Office Visit Can Be Arranged For You


  • In Many Areas Get A Ride To And From The Doctors Office


  • All Medicare Paperwork Done For You


The whole 'complicated' process will become simple and hassle free for you as we work directly with your doctor, Medicare and the power wheelchair manufacturer to prequalify you so your new motorized power wheelchair can be on it's way quickly.

You will be using it long before Medicare even approves it! If for some reason they don't, you can still keep the chair at our cost! As a matter of fact you'll never even know they didn't. That's our 100% Mobility Guarantee! We take all the risk out of the transaction for you.

When the chair is delivered, you'll get a visit from one our 2,500 nationwide network of technicians to set it up for you and review how it works with you, so you’re comfortable with your new chair.

Any concerns or questions you have, we want you to feel comfortable asking – we’ll do our best to help make the process as fast and simple as possible, so you can get the mobility you deserve, hassle free and get on with what you want to do in life!

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NO COST Chairs Require Medicare Or Blue Cross

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