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'First Class' Janitorial Services Will Make Your Office Look Good To Your Visitors So That You Will Look Good To Your Boss!

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Bad Cleaning Sabotages Your Company's Image And Staff Morale!

Get Your Office Cleaned As It Should Be Reliably And Affordably By A Janitorial Service That Understands The Importance Of Good Communication And Takes Your Needs Seriously!

  • An Impeccable First Impression 'Wins Over' Clients!
  • Keep Company Morale High!
  • Clockwork Service Makes YOU Forget Your Janitorial Service!
  • YOUR BOSS Will Forget About The Janitorial Service!
  • Weekly Inspections By Owner! (RARE)
  • Enjoy Bend-Over-Backwards Service!

Janitorial Services New Haven CT

Your Company Deserves To Get The The Level Of Quality And Service That It Is Paying For!

Hi, my name is Joe Ribeiro, owner of Hy-Grade Janitorial. If you're on this page either you don't have a janitorial service or quite likely you're dissatisfied with the one you do have. Whatever your present situation, if you give me a minute you'll see why you can trust us to satisfy all your janitorial and commercial cleaning needs.

Your office or commercial property is a sizable investment. And when it's maintained well, projects the right image to visitors, employees, clients, and inspection agencies. For many companies, that image is a valuable part of their overall business - it's a 'real money' issue.

Cleanliness also affects the morale of the people that work in your office. This affects production directly, job satisfaction and employee turnover which as we both know is very expensive!

I understand these factors and take these responsibilities very seriously. I'm not going to promise you perfection because we both know that isn't realistic. I will promise you responsiveness. And I will guarantee you that when we make mistakes we'll correct them so you get what you pay for. As hard as it may be to believe, I am conscientious, (And who uses that word today?) I only want to get paid when we are providing what I promise you.


Is The Devil You Know Really Better Than The Devil You Don't?

If the company that's supposed to be providing your commercial cleaning is not up to the job, or if they've lost interest and started taking your business for granted,  then you know that there is another possibility - not a pleasant one, either. It goes something like this:

You find yourself reminding them to do things that are supposed to be routine. It helps, but only for a little while. After a month or so, they lapse back into bad habits and need more phone calls. Each time, it takes longer for them to get back to you, and they start developing more and more excuses. They're 'awful sorry', butyou are taking the heat for what they aren't doing.

The more times you have to call or write notes, the more you are working for them, for free! In effect, you can end up being their 'unpaid supervisor', wasting your own time without so much as a thank you for the effort. After a while, this starts to make you look bad, since the complaints always end up on your desk, and you can't seem to solve the problem. It's not your fault, but you get blamed for it anyway! It's not fair!

Worse yet, your company may actually be overpaying for this service that it's not even getting! If it's been a long time since you've had the chance to compare pricing, you might be in for a surprise. It's possible that the price you're paying is greater than the present market rate.

I understand that when it comes to changing your janitorial service the old adage that "the devil you know is better then the devil you don't" may seem to apply. But if you're not getting the attention you deserve, were promised and are paying for from your janitorial service, the only choice, unpleasant as it, may be to switch. You probably have very little to lose in doing so because you just can't force anyone to do what they're unwilling to do. Don't you at least owe it to yourself to investigate if the situation can be improved?


End The Frustration And Get What You Pay For!

If you're frustrated now the assurance our RCH policy offers will end it. With Reliabilty, Customization and Honesty you will actually get what you are promised and pay for!I'll see to it.

I know you're busy, but why don't we schedule a time to meet. We can be as brief as possible. We can talk and you can show us what your requirements are. If you feel comfortable with us we'll get you a proposal, by email if you prefer, and if after that you want to go forward we can.

In this short meeting you'll get an honest evaluation of what type of service you can reasonably expect for whatever your budget is. No unrealistic promises about what we're going to do 'just to get the job', like a politician. Many times it's possible to get the level of service you want, within your budget, just by focusing more on what is truly important and less on what isn't. That is where experienced customization comes in and sometimes there are more options than you might think.

Once you decide on a program that meets your needs it will be carried out reliably and stuck to honestly. It will become 'automatic', with no cutting of corners, so you don't have to manage the process.


Experience And Reliability You Can Trust!

I know, I know, everyone raves about their experience and reliability but we can provide you with years, actually two decades, of proof to back it up!

Since we opened our doors in 1984 smaller facilities needing  customized, individualized programs, as well as larger companies with corporate campuses such as Duracell and Otis Elevator have appreciated customized programs. What has worked outstandingly well for them can work for your company as well. We encourage you to check with the references we provide so you can speak to your counterparts in other companies.

If this sounds like the type of service you want you can start by filling out the form at the upper right, or by just calling.

I promise, we'll take your business seriously as it's my goal that we become the last janitorial services company you'll ever need! When  you fill out the form above, just for starters, you'll also receive instantly by email the ebooklet '19 THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE HIRING A JANITORIAL SERVICES COMPANY'. Some of these things may already be common knowledge but I'm confident you'll find some new, fresh ideas too to help you consider what your company needs in the way of janitorial services.

Joe Ribeiro

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"I would highly recommend Hy-Grade Janitorial Services for their quality of work, reliability and their staff. My properties have been extremely satisfied with all aspects of the jobs performed by them." - PF


"Hy-Grade Janitorial Services has been servicing our over 20,000 square feet building for over 15 years. We've appreciated your reliable services as well as the changes that you have made over the years to accommodate our needs. We also appreciate very much, when something needs to get done, it is cared for immediately." - RC


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