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Many Lead Generation Companies Sell The Same Lead To You And 3, 4 Or Even More Of Your Plumbing Competitors At The Same Time.

Exclusive Leads Mean We Only Take One Client In Each City So Don't Delay Because If Your City Isn't Claimed Yet It May Be Soon!

Get A Steady Stream Of Fresh, Exclusive Plumbing Leads, Affordably, To Produce A Continuous Flow Of, New, Qualified Plumbing Customers, And Watch Your Plumbing Business Thrive In All Economic Conditions!

  • They Are Searching The Internet, Desperately For Plumbers!
  • Targeted, High Quality, Exclusive Plumbing Leads!
  • Immediate Delivery By Phone, Text And Email - To Close FAST!
  • Free Money-Raking Website! (Not One That Just Looks Pretty)
  • No Long-Term Commitments!
  • Deal With Honest, Reasonable And Flexible People!

Plumbing Leads

Finally, Get A Never Ending Source Of Exclusive Plumbing Leads To Help Your Business And Your Life!

Why do you need a continuous source of leads for your plumbing business? Well, what is the number one business killer of all time? What’s your biggest threat? What puts more plumbing services underground each year than any other cause?

Lack of customers!

Beyond that when people need something quickly today where do they turn to many times to find it? To the internet!

Whether you are a residential or commercial plumber or both, getting more leads - more plumbing customers lining up to pay you - is critical to making money and achieving your goals.

The more sales leads you have for your plumbing business, the more choosey you can be, the more you can charge and the more you can dictate the terms and price of the relationship. When you have more potential customers heading your way - more people that need a plumber to protect their property from damage you can call the shots on how you want your business to grow.

What if there was a way to have a stream of people looking for you and the plumbing services you provide? What if that flow was steady, low cost and focused on exactly the type of plumbing client you want?

Hi, my name is Lane Kovnat of Plumbing Leads and we provide you with that stream!

I have been in lead generation since 1989. We have done many forms of lead generation over the years but now we are specializing in lead generation for plumbing services now. Let me tell you why.

It's simple because it's a win-win situation. Actually it's better than that; it's a win-win-win situation. And what I mean by that is the urgency involved in plumbing services means that your client benefits, you benefit and we benefit - win-win-win!

You see the speed of the internet suits the plumbing business perfectly. Your clients need something now, we make it easy for them to find you and transfer the information to you immediately so you can solve their problem quickly. Everyone is happy and both you and we make money, quickly!

I'll see to it that prospective customers in your chosen area who are looking - literally searching the internet - for the exact plumbing services you provide find you!

These motivated, internet conscious customers want a plumber, many times need a plumber desperately and are willing to pay good money for one.

We'll send you their contact information in real time in 4 different ways allowing you or your sales staff to respond immediately while they are still seeking, not when it’s too late and the competition is already talking to them.

Many times you will receive a phone call. If the searcher chooses to fill out an online form (just like the one above on this page) you will receive it by email and text message virtually immediately! If they send an email you will receive that in your email inbox immediately too. Again, this allows you to contact them immediately and close the deal right then and there and before you competition hears from them.

And as I'm sure you know this is vital in the plumbing service business because so many plumbing lead close on the phone. When people want a plumber, they want a plumber and many times they want one RIGHT NOW! After all, how long can you have a leak or another plumbing problem in your home or office? Who wants to risk danger to their property or their neighbor's downstairs by delaying in getting a plumbing problem fixed? No one!


You'll Get A Website Setup For Free?

Why? We want to offer you a bribe, well, an ethical bribe, to try our service! (We need a place to capture the leads too.) We are confident too that you'll love our service. Finding a stream of targeted plumbing leads is a very economical way to feed your business so w trust that you'll stay with us a long time too.

You pay only an affordable, fixed fee per lead, much more cost effective than general advertising that may or may not bring customers to your door. You can control the budget and it can be tailored at any time to suit your needs.

By harnessing the power of the search engines traffic can be brought to your 'door' without a long term commitment from you. The free website we create for your use as long as you are a client will be displayed in the top positions on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.This may make you more money than you believe is possible.


Affordable, Targeted And Qualified Leads!

Maybe you're thinking that it will be very expensive to buy leads, but let me assure you it's not. We have developed cost effective methods for generating leads for plumbers on the internet so we can makeexclusive leads available at affordable prices.

The real beauty of it though is that these leads are highly targeted and qualified! They are targeted because they come from people that specifically searched the internet looking for a plumbing service or a plumber!

They are qualified because of the fact that they come from people that actively searched for you trying to solve whatever problem they had that made them need a plumber. This is not someone calling them trying to sell them something they may not really want or need, tempting them to buy on emotion or impulse. It's someone that took the initiative to search for you because they had a need or a desire to fill! It doesn't get much better than that.

For example you found us by searching on the internet because you were looking for more leads for your plumbing business. If you have read this far I'd venture to say you are probably considering doing business with us and that we did a good job of targeting you as a qualified lead to do business with our company.This can work for your plumbing business as well as it does for our plumbing lead generation service!

We will make a page, similar to this one, but that targets getting leads for people that need a plumber!

Why not give us a call now or fill out the contact form above so we can review what your goals are with you and see how we can help you fulfill them?

Lane Kovnat

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