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Beautify Your Backyard With Real Stone Walls, Outdoor Kitchens, Patios, Walkways, Fireplaces, Planting Beds, Fountains, Etc...!

Enjoy The Timeless Beauty Of Natural Stone, Increase Your Property Value And Be The 'Envy' Of The Neighborhood!

  • Design Your 'Dream Stone Job' For The World To See!
  • Enjoy A Gorgeous Outdoor Kitchen!
  • Imagine A Beautiful Rock Fountain!
  • Natural Stone Is Ageless In Both Beauty & Durability!
  • Exclusive 5 Year Warranty! (Take That, Competitors!)

Turn Your Natural Stone Vision Into Beautiful Reality For Your Retaining Walls, Patios, Outdoor Kitchens And Classic Hardscape Planting Beds!

Your home and yard should give you the pride of ownership you deserve. But maybe your backyard is just plain - well, plain! Or worse, maybe some previous owner had some discount brickwork done and it that displays their taste, not yours. That makes you feel that you're visiting someone else's house, not your own! What's even worse, of course, is that this ho-hum look is hitting you twice, forcing you to 'live with the dull and boring' every day - and then - making you pay for it in the form of lower house value!

Just for a moment, close your eyes and remember those times when you've seen something better. Have you ever passed by a house with drop-dead gorgeous stone walls that gave off the quiet look of elegant sophistication and durable beauty? Or maybe a friend or neighbor showed you their new 'outdoor kitchen', with built in oven and stone counters, or a private hardscape or pool with stone waterfall or a private backyard patio made of flagstone - the kind that just about takes your breath away and that makes you want to stay and linger just to drink in the view.

If it was in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, there's a pretty good chance our people built itwe've been turning dreams into solid stone reality for more than a generation now. Why not enjoy the same 'dreamscape' on your property, your own private oasis of tranquility for entertaining and just relaxing  to soak it all in - so you can enjoy it year round?  Isn't it time you had this beauty on your own property?


Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Chris Garek of Stone Pro, Incorporated. For decades, our masons have been creating the kind of stonework that makes your neighbors walk over just to admire the work up close.  

I grew up in the trade, with my dad and I working together to master the details that make up a flawless installation. I came to appreciate the solid logic of my family's way of looking at the stone trade:

  • ·        Build it strong

  • ·        Build it beautiful

  • ·        Do it right the first time!

  • ·        Back it up with a rock-solid warranty

We're still proudly family-owned and operated, with no plans to change. If you value experience and a sterling reputation, I'd like to modestly point out that we have installed literally hundreds of thousands of square feet of custom stonework for local homeowners, home builders, and high end commercial locations in the city and suburbs. That experience can work to give your home and yard the beauty you want. Here's how we can work with you:

If you have some idea of what you want, get in touch with us at the planning stage and we'll help you work it out. If you don't have a complete picture in your mind, don't worry. Seeing your landscape as it is now can help us work with you to design exactly  what you want. No doubt you can be helped by many concepts you haven't thought of. Our experience on hundreds of similar projects can help you envision the end results before you begin. Once you settle on your vision, you'll get a written quote that spells out simply and clearly what how we achieve the plan in detail.

At this planning stage, you can ask about different stone materials for your project. Truth is, these days you can have almost any style of stone that's out there, and there are more than most people realize! We know all the local stone yards and can direct you to the best suppliers for even the most exotic stones. You don't have to settle for the average!

Even the cut or size of the piece can change the look of the finished product, so please consider the possibilities from the outset. If you need help we'll show you possibilities that you likely haven't  considered. Of course, not every stone is suitable for every setting. We'll make sure you steer clear of the problem products that won't work for your particular situation. But don't worry – for every one that may not work, there are dozens more that you'll love that are problem-free.

From start to finish you, your family and home will be treated with the utmost respect. The process will be as quick and painless as is humanly possible. (unfortunately all construction comes with some inconvenience but understanding that is key to minimizing it) Superb craftsmanship will guarantee that the end result will not only showcase your taste but also improve property value, permanently.

Close communication about all the important details, at every stage of the game, allows you to manage the project to achieve the exact look and feel you want. Many steps need your input but that assures that the finished product will be as much your creation as ours!

Get What You Pay For And Don't End Up Frustrated Or Disappointed!


Special Situation: “I Got A Low Stone Installation Price From A ‘Handyman/Brick Guy/Chain Store Installer/Uncle's Brother In Law'. Should I Go For The Deal?”

In the end, obviously, you have to decide for yourself, but please consider a few things:

We hear all the time that people saved some money but were very disappointed with the quality of the work and the overall end result. It's a crying shame to spend lot of money and not get what you want. Why does this happen? And more importantly, how can you avoid it happening to you?

You see, stone installation is part building science and part art. It takes time to learn good solid techniques and time to develop the skill so the finished product looks good. If someone spends most of his days on demolition or plumbing or anything else but stone work, how good will he be when it's time to build your stone work? Our masons are specialists, and it shows.

By the way, we have nothing against brick, but we're true ‘stone men' - stone masons - through and through – we don't really do brick work. If you want a part of your project made of brick, we'll refer that part of your project to some brickmasons we know. If the whole project is brick, we'll pass. But if you want exclusively stone masons, we're the guys!

Handymen often work on apartments and rental properties, and the level of their work may be OK in that setting. So they can honestly say they have experience but you judge whether they really do. We consistently work for the best in the field. High end homebuilders and demanding homeowners don't have to put up with second rate work. When you hire us, you get the quality they demand. Feel free to see our work and speak to our clients - the quality is second to none.

One of the ways to come up with these 'too good to be true prices' is to skimp on vital things like insurance that protects you. This is not good because it leaves you open to responsibility for damages. Feel free to ask us for a certificate of insurance -  and also ask the competition if their price is very tempting.

Another common way to save money is to use less expensive stone with the excuse "The one you want is not available until..." Also the use of inferior setting materials, unqualified 'stone masons' and cutting corners at the preparation stage are common, but a recipe for disaster. Our customers are savvy enough to understand that these ‘deals' usually result in disappointment, at the very least.


Protection Of A 5-Year Warranty!

If a mason in this area offers any warranty, it's usually limited to one year. You shouldn't like the sound of that. Our reputation means more to us than the low budget folks could grasp. We want you to feel comfortable hiring us: we warranty our work for a full 5 years. Stone is a long term material - a warranty has to have some meat on it's bones to do you any good.


How To Get Started

1. Enter your name, number and email address for your quote in the box above and I'll get in touch with you. You might want to include a day and evening phone number or cell number and tell me when the best time is to reach you. Or if it's during business hours, just give me a call. If I can't immediately speak to you at that moment, I promise to get back to you very soon!

2. If possible have a general idea of the look you want to achieve, even if you haven't picked out the exact stone yet. If not let us know that upfront so we can help.

3. Let's meet for a few minutes, at a time convenient for you, and look at what we have to work with...

It costs you nothing to get a quote on your project - feel free to get in touch with us anytime! 

Chris Garek


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