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Finally, Get A Steady Stream Of Fresh, Targeted Business Leads, Affordably, To Produce A Continuous Flow Of, New, Qualified Customers, And Keep Your Company Afloat Even In Hard Economic Times!


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  • Pay Per High Quality, Exclusive, Targeted Business Leads Only!


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Finally, Get A Never Ending Source Of Targeted Business Leads To Help You Stay In Business While Allowing You More Control Over Pricing!

Why do you need a source of targeted business leads online? Well, what is the number one business killer of all time? What’s your biggest threat? What puts more companies underground each year than any other cause?

Lack of customers!

Whether you run a service or product oriented company, getting more business leads - customers lining up to pay you - is critical to making money and achieving your goals.

The more sales leads you have for your business, the more choosey you can be and the more you can dictate the terms and price of the relationship. When you have more business heading your way, you can call the shots on how you want your business to grow.

What if there was a way to have a stream of people looking for you, your company and the products and services you provide? What if this flow of potential customers was steady, low cost and focused on what you do best?

Targeted Business Leads provides you that stream! Our online lead generation service finds your prospective customers in your chosen area who are looking for what your company provides and sends you their contact information for you or your sales staff to get in touch with directly. (And before the competition ever hears of them!)

We find potential clients for your business in your area who are searching for the goods and services you provide. These motivated, internet conscious customers want what you have, want it now and are willing to pay for it.

The general public is becoming more knowledgeable about how to use search engines to find even local companies they might want to do business with. But capturing their interest has to be done fast, and efficiently. They want a fast way to easily interact with the website and request information, a quote or a sales call.

Targeted Business Leads transfers the leads immediately allowing you to respond fast while they are still seeking, not when it’s too late and the competition is already talking to them.

You are in control of the relationship with the client from the very beginning and we never interfere or try to tell you how to run your company.

You pay only an affordable, fixed fee per lead, much more cost effective than general advertising that may or may not bring customers to your door. You can control the budget and  change it at any time to suit your needs. 

We harness the power of the search engines to bring traffic to your door, without a long term commitment from you or an upfront fee. Our technicians are superb at the traffic getting techniques necessary to get high rankings on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.


A Website For Free?

Why? We want to offer you a bribe, well, an ethical bribe, to try our service! Again, we are so confident you will love our service because finding a stream of targeted business leads is a very economical way to feed your business.

Maybe you're thinking that it will be very expensive to buy leads. Let me assure you it's not. Over the years we have developed cost effective methods for generating targeted business leads on the internet so we can make the leads available at very affordable prices.

In reality we sell leads for a fraction of the price we used to charge when we generated them through telemarketing because our cost of acquiring them has gone down.

The real beauty of it though is that these leads are not only less expensive but much more targeted and qualified! They are more targeted because they come from people that specifically searched the internet looking for your product or service.

They are more qualified because of the fact that they searched for you trying to solve a problem, or fulfill a need or desire rather than someone calling them pitching a product or service. When someone calls them they may not really want or need what is being offered but they may on emotion or impulse accept the opportunity. Who do you think is more likely to buy; the person that searched for you or the one that was convinced to look into your product or service?

For example you found us by searching on the internet because you were looking for more leads for your particular business. If you have read this far I'd venture to say you are probably considering doing business with us and that we did good job of targeting you as a qualified lead to do business with our company. This can work for your business as it does for ours!

We will make a page, similar to this one, that targets getting leads for people that want to do business with your company!

Why not give us a call now or fill out the contact form above so we can review what your goals are with you and see how we can help you fulfill them?


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