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Tax Preparation Leads

Finally, Get A Never Ending Source Of Targeted Tax Leads To Help You Add New Clients

Why do you need a source of quality, targeted online tax leads for you tax service? Well, what is the number one business killer of all time? What's your biggest threat? What hurts more tax preparation practices each year than any other single cause?

Lack of new clients!

Whether you run a full service accounting firm or focus on tax preparation services, getting more leads - potential clients lining up to pay you - is critical to making money and achieving your goals.

Internet Generated Leads Are Highly Qualified Because They Are Searching FOR YOU And The Exact Terms They Search On Can Be Targeted!

Hi! My name is Lane Kovnat and we have been generating leads for a long time, over two decades now. We used to generate them the 'old fashioned' way, telemarketing. That means they came from people we contacted that at times had to be 'convinced' to accept a chance to do business with our clients.

The leads we generate today, online, for you are much more highly targeted and qualified. They come from people that took the initiative themselves to specifically search the internet looking for a tax service. They find you trying to find a solution to their tax problem rather than us calling them to pitch your tax service.

When someone calls them, they may not really want or need what is being offered but maybe, on emotion or impulse, they accept the opportunity. Who do you think is more likely to hire you; the person that searched for you or the one that was convinced or cajoled to look into your service?

Can This Really Work For Your Tax Preparation And Other Accounting Services?

Well, you already have the proof, 'in your hands' so to speak! For example, you found us by searching on the internet because you were looking for more leads for your tax service. (It is actually quite likely that the words "tax leads", or something very similar, are the exact words you googledŁ.) If you've read this far, I'd venture to say you are probably, at least,  considering doing business with us and that we did good job of targeting you as a qualified lead for our company. This will work for your tax preparation or any accounting service as easily as it does for our lead generation business!

We make a page, similar to this one, that targets getting leads for your tax preparation practice in the area you service!

You pay only an affordable, fixed fee per lead, much more cost effective than general advertising that may or may not get you new clients. As a matter of fact the only thing you can be sure of with other forms of advertising is that you will pay a bill!

You can control the budget and we can tailor it to suit your needs. As promised above there are no long term commitments or any upfront fees.

We're so confident you will be thrilled with our tax lead service that we guarantee it. If the leads aren't of high quality and highly targeted you don't have to pay for them. If you don't believe the leads we generate will help grow your practice you can cancel at any time. We'll take all the risk out of it for you.

Give us a call now at 617-233-5104 or fill out the contact form and we will review what your goals are and how we can fill them.

A Source Of Continuous, Tax Leads Can Allow You To Charge Higher Prices Too!

Many tax preparers, accountants and bookkeeping companies put up with lackluster pricing that keeps them just paid barely enough to keep doing their job. If there was a way to have a constant stream of people looking for the tax preparation and other services you provide wouldn't his allow you to charge more?

The more new leads you have for your practice, the more choosey you can be and the more you can dictate the terms and price of the relationship. When you have more business heading your way, you call the shots on how you want your business to grow and you only have to take the clients you want!

Tax Leads provides you that stream! Our online lead generation service finds your prospective clients in your chosen area who are looking for tax preparation services, tax consulting, bookkeeping, accounting and financial advice and sends you their contact information for you to get in touch with directly. (And before the competition ever hears of them!)

These motivated, internet-conscious customers need what you have, want it now and are willing to pay for it.

What Is The Value of a Lead to You?

Some tax preparation services have used lead generation services but others are used to only warm referrals from people they already know. A steady source of leads can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in continuous, repeat business from loyal clients. Why do we say this?

Consider an example of a potential client who uses the web to find a new accountant. Maybe his old accountant retired and he's not crazy about the person that bought the practice. Maybe he just moved into town and doesn't know anyone well enough to ask for referrals. Maybe he's tech savvy and looks for virtually all his services on the net before using any other method, just out of habit. Or maybe his company has outgrown his current bookkeeping service and now needs more expensive and detailed work than they are capable of, such as compilations and audits. Or maybe he made a tax error and needs representation before the IRS for a complicated issue that he wants an expert to help him on.

Granted your new client doesn't know you at first, but once you meet him, you will be real to him, and then, after you've solved his financial problems, he can refer several more friends to you for future work. The odds of keeping his business long term are very good, and when you add the friends he refers to you, over the course of time, he can add tens of thousands of dollars in fees to your practice! When you consider lifetime value of the client, and even more important, the habit of continually meeting people who are like the person in this example, you realize the true value that the chance to meet people like this has on your financial health! A stream of tax leads can be like a tax preparer's or accountant's dream come true.

Keep You Business Thriving!

The general public is becoming more knowledgeable about how to use search engines to find even local companies they might want to do business with. But capturing their interest has to be done fast, and efficiently. They want a fast way to easily interact with the website and request information, a quote or a sales call.

Tax Leads transfers the leads immediately, allowing you to respond fast while they are still seeking, not when it's too late and the competition is already talking to them. We can help you harness the raw power of the search engines to bring traffic to your door.

So, again, either fill out the contact form above or give us a call and we will get in touch with you, but either way, why delay in getting a 'life sustaining' flow of leads to your business?


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