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Tax Leads (Hereafter "The Company", "The Company's" "We" and other applicable terms referring to Tax Leads) Terms, Conditions & Policies


1. These are the terms, conditions and policies that govern the use of this website, our products and services. Your use of this website and/or our products and services constitutes an agreement and is conditional on acceptance of all such terms, conditions, and policies listed on this page without any modification. By accessing this website, you are indicating your acknowledgement and acceptance of these terms, conditions and policies. If you do not agree to these terms, conditions and policies please do not use this website.

a. If you do not understand them you may contact us at leads@tax-leads.com

2. a. Our privacy statement below contains a complete list of the details on how we use your information.

b. Our anti-spam policy below describes our position and your obligations in regards to our anti-spam policy.

3. a. When you call us or request us to contact you by filling out one of the contact forms on this web site it is deemed by The Company to be permission for us to contact you. This contact may include representatives of the company, including, but not limited to, management, employees, or subcontractors. This permission is understood to mean that we may contact you by telephone, email, direct mail or other reasonable means.

b. We cannot guarantee that we can fulfill your service needs and reserve the right to not do business with you for any reason whatsoever at any time.

c. These terms and conditions may change or be amended at any time as Tax Leads sees fit. These changes will be deemed to be part of this agreement and by using this site you also agree to be bound by all said changes to these terms, conditions and notices. All such changes, amendments or notices will be posted on this page for you to view.

4. You warrant that all the information you provided is and will be accurate, current and truthful to the best of your knowledge. If any information that you provided is not true, current or complete, or The Company has reasonable grounds to suspect that the information is not true, accurate, current nor complete, The Company has and may exercise their right to refuse all current and/or future use of The Company's products or services by you. You are also responsible and liable for any and all use of The Company's products or services by any and all persons you intentionally or negligently grant access to The Company's web site, products or services.


6. Any links on The Company Web site that may allow you to leave The Company's Web site are not controlled by The Company. The Company cannot guarantee they will stay functioning as we have no control as to whether the linked sites will stay functioning themselves. The Company cannot in any way be responsible for the contents, functionality of any and all of the information on or the practices of said linked sites or any of the links to which the linked sites lead. These are provided only as resource and any inclusion of these links does not constitute or imply an endorsement by The Company of the site.

7. You acknowledge that you do not work for us; that you have hired us simply to generate leads for you or your company. Since we in no way work for you cannot be held responsible or liable for anything you do whatsoever ever. Nothing is an exception to this.


9. You acknowledge and agree that The Company's products and services are provided to you on an "AS IS" basis without any warranty whatsoever, and your sole and exclusive remedy, and The Company's sole obligation to you or any third party for any claim arising out of your use of The Company products or services or The Company Web site, is that you are free to discontinue your use of The Company products or services or The Company Web site at any time. EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY SET FORTH HEREIN, THE COMPANY EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND YOU AGREE THAT THE COMPANY SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY FOR DIRECT, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL (INCLUDING LOST PROFIT), EXEMPLARY OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES (EVEN IF THE COMPANY HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES) ARISING OUT OF THIS AGREEMENT OR ANY CONSEQUENCES WHICH FLOW FROM IT. SOME STATES AND PROVINCES DO NOT ALLOW LIMITATIONS ON OR EXCLUSION OF INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. IN SUCH STATES AND PROVINCES, THE ABOVE EXCLUSIONS MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. The Terms and Conditions are binding to the benefit of The Company's successors, assigns and licensees.

10. You must accept consecutive zip codes in all the areas you request leads. You may of course limit the areas to which you request we get leads for you but all zip codes must always be consecutive.

11. You must accept and pay for all leads in the area you choose to do business. Again you may limit the areas in which you choose to work. If you receive a lead in an area outside of your prescribed area you must inform the company within 3 business days (This is so the lead is still warm when we verify it and so contact information is current.) or accept it and pay for it.

12. The Company reserves the right to choose who they want to do business with and who they don't want to. We also reserve the right to cut ties with any customer for any reason no matter how dependent they have become on us for their means of earning a living. (Logically we would only do this if we had a reason to.)

13. You grant us permission to use your company logo or to create on for you whatever we deem best.

14. We warrant that all leads that come from a website with your company logo on it (that we create or you allow us to use) exclusively to you.

15. You may pay us by credit card on a real time basis (that means we will charge your card for leads as they come in.) or in advance by PayPal or check. If you choose to pay by checks the check must clear before we start generating leads for you.

16. A valid lead may consist of only an email address. Missed calls are considered leads and will be billed at full price as we can not be responsible for whether you answer your phone or not. We are not able to inform you of missed calls and are no obligation to do so. All disputes about quality of leads are handled on a case by case basis. You must inform us in writing within 3 business days from the date the lead is obtained if there are any questions. We reserve the right to decline disputes for any reason. Once you give us your credit card information or pay in advance by another method we will start generating leads for you until you inform us in writing that you want us to stop in the case of credit cards or until any used funds are exhausted if you have paid by another means. In no case will funds paid by check or PayPal be refunded under any circumstances for any reason other than that we were not able to obtain leads for you. If you want to stop receiving leads permanently or for a limited time you must inform 48 hours in advance. As we have expenses involved in obtaining leads so any failure on your part to inform us to stop your leads does not constitute reason to not owe us the money or be billed for it. We have worked to receive it and are not responsible for your failure to inform us. We reserve the right to cancel your account if you choose to stop your leads for any reason whatsoever as we have done a lot of setup work and may need to use the site or sites for a different client to prevent financial loss. Your doing business with us constitutes acceptance that we can contact clients on your behalf to set an appointment or verify lead quality or any other reason. (This is common practice among lead generation companies.) Missed calls are charged at full price as we have no control over whether you answer your phone or not. We strongly recommend you hire a competent answering service as no one can answer their phone 24 hours a day 365 days a year and leads from the internet can and do come in at any and all times. With persistence most missed calls can be contacted. If you do not want the work of pursuing the leads please do not hire us. We are able with paid advertising to control the hours the campaigns run but we can not control the hours that search engines display the organic impressions to their searchers. Our prices include getting paid for these leads too and there is no way to stop them from coming in. We are not responsible if you don't diligently follow up on the leads we send you by phone or email. Since the leads either called you on the telephone or they are sent by both email and text message (providing you have these services and request it) there can be no valid reason, on our part, for your not receiving them other than if our equipment is faulty and the leads do not reach you. In this case you will not be charged but this is extremely rare. We make no warranties about the amount you may bill a potential customer that comes from a lead we generate. You’re not trying to contact or not being able to contact any lead does not constitute grounds for non payment or a refund for that lead. Not getting the job does not constitute grounds for non payment or to request a refund for any lead. Sometimes people hire someone very quickly so if you delay in contacting a lead they may have hired someone else. Although we don't send leads to more than one client people have other sources of leads and obviously may hire from those other sources.

Tax Resolution/Relief/Settlement/Other Tax Debt Related Services: In the case of tax resolution, tax debt settlement, tax relief and/or other tax debt related services it is our goal to provide the highest quality of leads. Our expenses for advertising are high in this market. We do our best to target customers that owe the minimum amount you request but we cannot guarantee that all leads will meet these minimum requests. We find this balances out over time as many owe tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even more in tax debt. (Please remember we do not charge extra for leads with extremely high amounts of debt.) There are times people are not honest in initial contacts due to embarrassment and really owe more than they say they do. Also many times when back taxes are reviewed and/or prepared or the IRS does an audit or due to other means it turns out that more is owed than initially thought or expressed. Penalties and interest accrue rapidly so at times, what is not initially over a requested minimum amount soon is. When a person owes less than the amount you request it is still considered to be a lead and will be billed in full unless other arrangements are made. In the event that some leads do not meet the minimum desired amount of debt you must view that as a cost of doing business with The Company. We are reasonable people, want your business and to have satisfied clients so we are willing to discuss each case in regard to the minimum amount a lead generated by us owes the IRS and/or state. We would appreciate that leads that meet 80% of the minimum you requested to not be discussed. Under no circumstances will leads be credited or refunded if client has agreed to possibly do business with the lead, the potential customer.

17. All leads are generated on the internet and are highly targeted to people only searching for exactly what you have asked to get for you. Usually these leads come from intensely interested people. If for some reason you do get a lead that is not what you have asked us to generate reasonable proof for this will be accepted. You will find us reasonable to deal with on this account as we ONLY WANT SATISFIED CUSTOMERS. If we are not able to satisfy you with the quality leads you want we may be forced to cut ties with you and find someone else whose expectations we can meet. The price of the leads includes the fact that not all will be able to be contacted by you (Some hire someone else immediately. At times not contacting a lead may be due to missed calls or a lack of follow up things over which we have no control.) therefore there is no reason to ever request a charge back on your credit card or request a refund for a check that has cleared other than if the information entered into the contact form was not a real a person. Reasonable proof for false information entered into a form will always be accepted (we reserve the right to verify this) as we only want to get paid for valid leads and we are concerned with maintaining a good relationship with you and having only satisfied customers.

18. a. You accept in the interests of increasing the numbers of leads we can generate for you we will most likely offer a free report in exchange for an email address. You will find that these reports offer valuable information to your perspective clients and will build trust between you and them and help you to increase your closing ratio and do business with them. Much as a free trial with any service does.

b. Trials are always limited with seasonal businesses and expensive markets (The company determines what it deems to be expensive) and maybe in any market for any reason we see fit.

19. The right and title to the domain name and company name we choose to use to generate leads is our property no matter how much your business comes to depend on our services.

20. After any the trial period ends we will need your correct name, address and credit card number so we can bill you. We will not do business with anyone who will not truthfully provide this information for us.

21. Your acceptance of our free trail and hiring us to do business with you constitutes permission for us to create and put into to service as many web sites as we deem necessary to generate the maximum number of leads for you in the area you request. These web sites are and forever will remain our exclusive property as long as we so choose no matter how much the success of your business depends on them. You agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions on such site that apply to you. Any costs that we incur due to any and all violations of the terms and conditions will be paid by you along with any legal and court fees necessary to collect them. No lead fee will be charged for a customer that uses the website to contact you to simply get in touch with you for a job that came from a lead you already paid for. If a customer requests a different service a separate lead fee will be charged.

22. Your acceptance of our free trial and hiring us to do business with you also constitutes permission for us to use a call tracking phone number that will be forwarded to any phone you choose. You must provide a phone number for us to forward calls to or we cannot do business with you. You grant us permission to tape any and all calls that are received on the tracking number. This how we track leads that come by phone and allows you to know how your staff is handling those calls. We recommend you inform your staff they are being taped. The tracking number is and forever will remain our exclusive property as long as we so choose no matter how much the success of your business depends on it. You should not and do not have permission to give it out to your customers. If you do you will be charged the price of a lead for anyone you give it to. If we incur other charges because you give that number to others you will be obligated to pay those charges and any legal and court fees that we incur in collecting them form you. If customers use the number on that site to continually contact you any telephone charges we incur may be charged to you. No lead fee will be charged for a customer that use tat number to simply get in touch with you for a job that cam from a lead you already paid for. If a customer requests a different service another lead fee will b charged.

23. You may not use the information provided by The Company to send SPAM. You agree to familiarize yourself with all SPAM laws and abide by them. If the information we provide you is used for the purposes of SPAM we reserve the right to cut ties with you at any time without notice. You agree to provide an unsubscribe link, or other legal way for any perspective customers or actual customers you obtain in any way through the use of our services. YOU MUST INFORM THE COMPANY OF ANY ALL PARTIES THAT UNSUBSCRIBE. IF YOU FAIL TO PROVIDE US THIS INFORMATION IN THE CASE WE NEED TO CONTACT THEM AND ALL LEGAL FEES THAT RESULT FROM ANY ACTION THAT TAKE WILL BE PAID BY YOU.

24. Under this Agreement, The Company agrees to provide to you, and you agree to purchase from The Company, the product or service described in your Order Form. You also agree to pay the purchase price, if applicable, shown on The Company website for the product or service that you have ordered. If you have purchased a product or service for which there is an on going subscription or other fee, you agree to pay that fee for so long as you continue to use The Company product or service. You may cancel The Company product or service at any time by sending an email to The Company at leads@tax-leads.com, after which you will not be charged any further fees for ongoing use of The Company product or service. Your obligation to purchase and pay for also applies to any of The Company's product and services that are offered to you as a “trial offer” unless and until you cancel your use of those products or services. If you have agreed to a long-term subscription of a product or service the cancellation option does not apply.

25. Any of The Company's publications and any newsletters and other materials that you may receive from The Company as part of The Company Service (collectively, “The Company Materials”) are the exclusive property of The Company and are protected by copyright and other applicable laws. The Company Materials are for your own personal use, and you cannot copy any portion of The Company Materials without the written permission of The Company or distribute additional copies of The Company Materials to others.

26. The Company may offer you various discounts, savings and other benefits on other products or services of The Company or its affiliates in connection with your purchase of The Company Publications or The Company Services. The Company does not guarantee the availability of particular discounts, savings or other benefits other than listed on The Company web site or otherwise in writing on specific products or services, and any discounts, savings or benefits are subject to change, time limits and conditions as may be determined by The Company in its discretion from time to time. No additional fees will be charged without notice.

26. The Company's products or services and The Company Materials (collectively, “The Company Products”) are provided for informational purposes only, and what you derive from your use of The Company Products depends upon your commitment to and effort in applying any information provided to your business and your diligence in following up on the leads provided as well as how you deal with potential customers and customers, quality of service rendered and other factors. The Company does not represent, warrant or guarantee that you will achieve any particular results in your business as a result of your purchase and use of The Company products or services. You acknowledge that the success of your business depends on the quality of your business concept, your skills and effort in connection with your business and external factors such as the general economy.

27. The Company may offer a time-limited, money-back guarantee or trial offer on some of The Company's products and/or services. If there is a guarantee or trial period applicable to The Company products or service that you have purchased, that guarantee is as set out on this web site page that are you reading now. With our lead generation service the trial period, if applicable, starts when you receive your first lead. If during the time-limited period of your Guarantee period you are not satisfied with The Company product or service you purchased, The Company will refund the purchase price to you (If applicable). This is your sole and exclusive remedy against The Company and The Company’s sole and exclusive liability and obligation to you in connection with your purchase of any The Company products services or anything arising out of or relating to that purchase or this Agreement.

28.The exclusion or limitation of certain liabilities is prohibited by law in some jurisdictions.  Such limitations may apply to you.

29. You represent that you are of legal age to enter into binding contracts under the laws of the jurisdiction where you reside.

30. This Agreement and all related matters will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Massachusetts and the federal laws of the United States applicable therein without regard to conflict of laws rules. All disputes relating to this Agreement shall be resolved before the Courts of the State of Massachusetts, and you hereby irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Massachusetts and waive any objection that you may now or hereafter have based on inconvenient forum for such proceedings. If any provision of this Agreement is deemed to be invalid, void, unlawful or unenforceable for any reason, that provision will be modified in order to make it enforceable, while maintaining the spirit of the provision, If modification is not possible such provision will be deemed to be severed from this Agreement and the remaining provisions will continue in full force and effect without being impaired or invalidated in any way. This Agreement will ensure to the benefit of and be binding upon the parties and their respective heirs, executors, administrators, personal representatives, successors and assigns. This Agreement sets forth the entire agreement and understanding of you and The Company with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement and supersedes any and all previous communications, representations, negotiations, discussions, agreements or understanding, whether oral or written, between you and The Company with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement.  All amounts are stated in U.S. dollars. Purchase prices are exclusive of shipping and handling charges and any applicable taxes, customs or duties.

31. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, and to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law: (a) The Company’s liability (if any) under this Agreement or otherwise is limited to the purchase price paid by you for The Company Products, and in no event will The Company be liable to you or any other person for any indirect, incidental, consequential, special, punitive or exemplary loss or damage, arising from, connected with, or relating to this Agreement, the subject matter of this Agreement, any The Company Product or otherwise, under any theory of liability (whether in contract, tort, strict liability or any other theory or law or equity), regardless of any negligence or other fault or wrongdoing (including fundamental breach or gross negligence) by The Company or any person for whom The Company is responsible, and even if The Company has been advised of the possibility of such potential loss or damage being incurred; and (b) in no event will The Company’s total aggregate liability to You or any other person under this Agreement or otherwise, under any contract, negligence, strict liability or other legal or equitable theory, regardless of any negligence or other fault or wrongdoing (including fundamental breach or gross negligence) by The Company or any person for whom The Company is responsible, and even if The Company has been advised of the possibility of such potential loss or damage being incurred, exceed the purchase price paid by You to The Company  for the Materials.  In this paragraph, “The Company”, "The Company's", "We"  or any other way that the company is referred to includes The Company and its past, present and future directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives, subcontractors, service providers, successors, permitted assigns, and related persons.

32. This Agreement and all related matters will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Massachusetts and the federal laws of the United States applicable therein without regard to conflict of laws rules.  All disputes relating to this Agreement shall be resolved before the Courts of the State of Massachusetts, and you hereby irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Massachusetts and waive any objection that you may now or hereafter have based on inconvenient forum for such proceedings. The United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods will not apply to this Agreement. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed unlawful, void or unenforceable, for any reason, by any court of competent jurisdiction that provision shall be modified in order to make it enforceable, while maintaining the spirit of the provision. Alternatively, if modification is not possible, such provision shall be stricken and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms. The failure of The Company to exercise or enforce any right or provision of the Terms and Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision.

The Company's Anti-Spam Policy

The Company is committed to permission-based email marketing practices, and as a result has established this no-tolerance Anti-Spam Policy. The Company will occasionally update this Anti-Spam Policy.

1. Spam is commercial email or unsolicited bulk email, including “junk mail”, which has not been requested by the recipient.  It is intrusive and often irrelevant or offensive, and it wastes valuable resources. Spam messages are the opposite of permission-based email, which are normally anticipated, personal, relevant and/or associated with a pre-existing business or personal relationship. Inappropriate newsgroup activities, consisting of excessive posting of the same materials to several newsgroups, are also deemed to be spam.

2.Preventing Spam. Customers of The Company's products and services have agreed during their registration process, upon accepting the Terms of Use, to comply with this Anti-Spam Policy. Specifically, each customer agrees not to use The Company products or services to send unsolicited email or bulk email, whether or not for commercial purposes. The Company reserves the right to determine in its sole discretion what constitutes actionable spam, as well as what measures are necessary in response to such spam activities.

3. How The Company Helps You to Avoid Spamming. The Company has developed its Internet marketing tools to incorporate a strict permission-based philosophy. This anti-spam philosophy is implemented through the following:

a. Communication and Agreement – The Terms of Use that you have agreed to as part of registering for The Company's products and services state how and for what purposes you can collect your site visitor addresses, and that you will follow The Company Privacy Policy and Anti-Spam Policy.

b. Each email created using The Company products contains an “unsubscribe link”. If your web site visitors use the link to request that they be unsubscribed, your subscriber lists will automatically be adjusted to eliminate the prospect of sending unwanted email to such persons.  Additionally, each person on your subscriber list has the option of unsubscribing through a web-based method provided on The Company web site.  Customers of The Company who try to remove the unsubscribe link will be warned that they are doing so, and if they persist in having the link removed or deactivated in any way, then The Company will have the right to terminate their account.

c. Purchased Mailing Lists - Mass mailings to purchased email lists are not allowed. The Company only allows opt-in mailing lists. Purchased or inherited lists are by definition not opt-in.  Similarly, you cannot use an email list relating to particular subject matter, and then use it for an unrelated topic. 

4.Laws Restricting Spam. Spam laws vary from state to state, and from country to country. This Company's Anti-Spam Policy has been developed to conform to the highest commercially reasonable standards. As a result, and without limiting the general prohibitions against all spam activities, the following are expressly prohibited:

a. Use of false headers, or other false information, to identify the point of origin or the transmission path of the email, or to hide the true origin of the email sender,

b. Unauthorized use of a third party’s internet domain name without the permission of such third party, to make it appear that the third party was the point of origin of the email,

c. Use of any false or misleading information in the subject line of the email, and

d. Assisting any person in using the products or services of The Company for any of these previously mentioned activities. 

5. Questions to Ask Yourself

To help in establishing whether you are participating in activities constituting spam, ask yourself the following questions:

a. Are you sending email to non-specific addresses, such as info@domain.com or sales@domain.com?

b. Have you deliberately falsified your transmission path information or originating address?

c. Are you sending email to mailing lists or distribution lists, which then send indirectly to various other email addresses?

d. Have you imported for use a purchased list of any type?

e. Are you continuing to mail to anyone who has asked to be deleted from your mailing list?

f. Does your email not provide a fully functioning link to unsubscribe?

g. Does you email subject line contain false or misleading information?

h. Have you used a third party’s email address or domain name without the party’s consent?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you are likely involved in spam activities.

6. Measures to Enforce the Anti-Spam Policy

Any of The Company's customers found to be using The Company products or services for spamming purposes may, at The Company’s discretion, be immediately cut off from use of all The Company products and services and/or fined US$ 1,000 per occurrence, with no refund of fees that have been paid.

The Company warns all of its customers when signing up that if they participate in spamming activities they will be subject to the loss of The Company's services, fines and possible legal action.

The Company has the right to actively review its customers’ subscriber lists and email for suspiciously large broadcasts. If The Company finds any customers to be spamming, it may issue a warning or reserves the right if the activities are serious enough to take action immediately if it deems necessary. Such action may include but is not limited to disabling the customer’s account and/or reporting the customer and the incident to the proper authorities.

The Company does not attempt to censor any content, nor to curtail the business of its customers. However, spam activities do not fall within uses authorized by The Company, and will not be tolerated.

7.If you believe that you have received spam from or through The Company’s facilities, please send a complaint from your email account along with the unsolicited email, with completed header, to leads@tax-leads.com. Please provide any other information that you believe may help us in our investigation. The Company does not investigate or take any action based on “anonymous” spam complaints.

8.False Spam Complaints. The Company supports the efforts of various organizations working to responsibly eliminate spam activities. However, if an individual has opted-in to receive email from a customer of The Company, and then falsely or maliciously files a spam complaint against The Company or its customers, The Company will cooperate fully with the appropriate agencies to ban the complainant from use of anti-spam software and the Internet community.

Privacy statement

The company has established this Privacy Policy to explain how it protects and manages the personal information that it collects from you (the customer) online..

1. Consent for Use and Disclosure

Your use of the company's site and/or your registration for the company's products and services constitute your consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not use the company's site.

The Company may occasionally update this Privacy Policy. The Company will notify customers by email of changes to this policy that will affect information collected from them in the future. In certain circumstances, however, The Company will not inform and obtain the consent of the customer, such as in connection with an investigation of a breach of an agreement, contravention of laws, an emergency where the life, health or security of an individual is threatened, the collection of a debt or in compliance with the request of a law enforcement agency or a court order.

A customer may withdraw his or her consent for use and disclosure at any time by sending an email to Lead@tax-leads.com. Please note that, if you do, The Company may suspend its provision of products and services to you.

2. Accountability

The Company may collect, at the time of your registration and/or your sign-on to its web site, certain “personal information” (information that personally identifies you) including but not limited to your name, email address, home or work address, telephone number, and information about your computer hardware and software (e.g., IP address, operating system, browser type, domain name, URL, access times, and referring web site addresses).

The Company has implemented this Privacy Policy to protect personal information received from its customers, and to respond to any inquiries. The Privacy Policy also provides that The Company will use appropriate contractual means to establish a comparable level of protection for personal information which is sent for processing by third parties on The Company's behalf.

The Company has designated responsibility for your personal information to its Privacy Officer, who ensures compliance with the principles in this Privacy Policy. Other individuals may be delegated to act on behalf of the Privacy Officer.

3. Purposes for Collecting Personal Information

The Company collects and uses personal information for the following Identified Purposes:

(a) to understand customer needs regarding The Company's services;

(b) to develop and provide our web site and our products and services for our customers;

(c) to fulfill your requests for products, services or information;

(d) to communicate with customers and site visitors, when necessary, and to inform customers of upgrades, as well as of other products and services available from The Company, its clients, affiliates and third parties;

(e) to allow customers to access limited-entry areas of The Company's site;

(f) to personalize some of our services and products for you and to deliver targeted advertisements and offers from The Company and third parties;

(g) to comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process or government request;

(h) to respond to a legitimate claim, or to address our reasonable belief, that you are violating the rights of any third party or any of the agreements or policies that govern your use of The Company site or any of The Company's products or services;

(i) to protect the services, products or rights of The Company, including but not limited to the security or integrity of The Company site; and

(j) to identify and resolve technical problems concerning The Company's site, products and services.

The Company also uses personal information in an aggregate form (i.e., not individually attributable to you) for its business analysis, operational, marketing and other promotional purposes.

If we hire other companies to provide some products or services on our behalf, then we will only provide those companies the personal information they need for the Identified Purposes, and we will limit their rights to use and further disclose your personal information as appropriate in the course of their work for us.

4. Limiting the Collection of Personal Information

The Company limits its collection of personal information to only that information which is necessary for the Identified Purposes. The Company does not direct its site to, nor does it knowingly collect any personal information from children under the age of thirteen.

When you visit The Company web site, a cookie may be placed on your computer or the cookie may be read if you have visited The Company site previously. The Company uses cookies to allow The Company to determine which products and services you have already purchased so that The Company does not provide redundant information to you, and, if you are an  affiliate of The Company, to track The Company sales made to customers referred by you so that you can receive compensation under our affiliate program. If you choose to not have your browser accept cookies from The Company web site, you may not be able to view all the text on the screens, or to experience a personalized visit, or to subscribe to certain service and product offerings on The Company site.

5. Disclosure, Processing and Retention

The Company does not sell, rent or disclose your personal information to anyone else, except:

(a) to someone you have designated to act as your agent, for one or more of the Identified Purposes (listed in Section 2, above);

(b) to The Company's employees, independent contractors, subsidiaries, affiliates, consultants, business associates, service providers, suppliers and agents, acting on The Company's behalf for any of the Identified Purposes;

(c) as necessary if The Company has reason to believe that disclosure is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against someone who may be causing injury to or interference (either intentionally or unintentionally) with The Company's rights or property, other users of The Company's web site, products or services, or anyone else that could be harmed by such activities; and

(d) to respond to judicial process and provide information to law enforcement agencies or in connection with an investigation on matters related to public safety, as permitted by law, or otherwise as required by law.

In addition, as we continue to develop our business, we or our affiliates may sell or buy other businesses or entities, or we may merge with another company. In such transactions, personal information may be one of the transferred business assets. Also, in the event that The Company or substantially all of its assets are acquired, your personal information may be one of the transferred assets.

Your information may be stored and processed in the United States, or in any other country in which The Company or its affiliates, subsidiaries or agents maintain facilities. By using this web site, you consent to any such transfer of information outside of your country.

After your account becomes inactive (that is, if you request to be removed from our database), The Company will keep your personal information in its archives. Your information will then be used only as necessary for tax reasons or to prove The Company's compliance with any applicable law.

6. Accuracy of Personal Information

The Company will use reasonable efforts to keep customer personal information accurate for the Identified Purposes, and for minimizing the possibility of making inappropriate customer decisions based on such information. Customers are responsible for informing The Company about changes to their personal information. You can do this by sending an email. The Company will use new or updated personal information it receives from customers to update its own records.

7. Security Safeguards

The Company will use reasonable efforts to protect customers' personal information.

8. Access to Personal Information

The Company will afford you a reasonable opportunity to review the personal information in your file, if you so request by email.

If The Company is not able to provide access to some aspect of a customer's personal information, it will provide reasons for denying access such as; that by doing so would likely reveal personal information about a third party, or that it is confidential commercial information or attorney-client privileged communications, or that the information relates to a breach of an agreement or a contravention of law, or that its disclosure could reasonably be expected to threaten the life or security of another individual.

Customers have the right to request that inaccurate or incomplete information be amended as appropriate, by contacting The Company or the Privacy Officer as described above. The Company will promptly correct such personal information.

Your use of our services will require you to disclose certain personal information about yourself and the services you require. Upon entering this information it will be used by us our employees or clients that will need this information to contact or respond to you, other persons or entities in regard to our business. By calling, providing your contact information or filling out a contact form requesting that we contact you, you expressly consent to being contacted by us and our client Secured Lock and Key by means of telephone, fax, email, mail and other reasonable means, at the contact numbers, email address and/or address you have provided. This applies even if you are listed on any federal, state, provincial or other applicable "Do Not Call" list. This is necessary to provide the services you requested on this web site.