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Tax Preparation Errors Cost Dearly By Triggering Audits And In Lost Deductions And Credits!

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Some Tax Preparation Services Use Tax Preparers With Only A Few Weeks Of Training, Some Even Living In India, For Fast, Cheap, 'Mass Production' Of Tax Return Preparation During Tax Season. - "I Kid You Not!"

HTML clipboard Enjoy The Security Of Knowing That Your Tax Return Was Prepared, Meticulously, By A Knowledgeable And Experienced CPA, And  Reviewed By Another, At No Extra Cost, So You Get The Most Deductions And Credits That Are Possible, Safely, Without Triggering An Audit!

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Tax Preparation Boston, MA

Get Honest, By The Book, Meticulous Tax Preparation Along With Personalized Service!

I'm guessing you might be asking "How do I know I can trust these guys with my taxes; that they are honest and will do what they say at reasonable rates like they promise?"

Will they diligently and aggressively seek all the deductions and credits due me without doing anything that will get my return red-flagged by the IRS for an audit? Is an aggressive strategy even the best policy or might it be better to just play it safe so as not to trigger an audit?

Hi! M name is... and I understand exactly how you feel because those are the same questions I'd be asking if I were looking for someone to do my taxes. It can be confusing and scary to know whose hands you can trust to put your tax preparation in.

If you give me just a few minutes I'll answer all of your questions.

First of all, I understand in this day and age it might be hard to believe you can get such personalized tax preparation service, at least without spending a fortune, which we know you don't want to do. All I can say is - We mean it, starting from our offer of the convenience of a house-call, at no extra charge, to our promise of having your tax return reviewed by two, experienced, CPA's.

We trust that, all other things being equal, the extra value you get from honest, personalized service, will go a long way toward keeping you as a loyal client for years to come.

Beyond that, we like to make friends with our clients as that makes our work far more pleasant and many have become just that, our friends!

Should You Be Aggressive Or Conservative So You Don't Have To Be In Fear Of An Audit?

First of all, I wish we could guarantee that you will never be audited, but since we don't have enough money to bribe everyone at the IRS we certainly can't do that. :) No, I don't want to make light of such a serious question but it's better if you're a bit relaxed before we consider this subject and their is nothing like a little humor to accomplish that.

As far as which approach is best, whether to be aggressive or conservative, let me start off by saying I understand that just the thought of an audit is a very scary thing. It can send some people into a panic, but with us on your side you'll have nothing to fear.

Now I know you're thinking "Yeah, right, I'll have nothing to fear from being audited!" so let me explain why I say that. I'm not  saying you shouldn't BE CONCERNED about an audit because there are few other things in life that can cause as much anxiety.

I am saying that you have no need to FEAR an audit and I'll explain why from an insider's perspective of the tax preparation industry. It all has to do with how the IRS works and, if you think about it, it makes perfect sense too.

The IRS has no problem with legal deductions. They can't do anything about lthem ad tehy don't even try to. They don't want to waste their time on them. Those deductions are there for you and they know it. Beyond that, most IRS employees aren't really interested in trying to get money out of you that isn't the government's. I'm not saying that some don't go overboard and aren't just jerks but, for the most part, their goal isn't to make you miserable. They don't get paid any extra for it.

The IRS and their employees are very concerned, are after, and paid to go after people that are dishonest; that deliberately try not to or don't pay taxes they actually owe. They are trained to consider that as stealing from the government. When the y have good reason to suspect it, or see evidence of it, that is when they get nasty.

So, the best way to avoid an audit is to do things legally but that doesn't necessarily mean to forgo valid deductions. We don't fear the IRS because we always abide by their policies and carefully obey their rules and laws. This can be of great advantage to you.

A qualified tax preparation service that has a good reputation with the IRS also can go a long way toward avoiding an audit too. When the IRS knows that a tax service company has a reputation for being  honest, there is no reason to spend their limited time and manpower on auditing that company's clients. Manpower is very limited and they must spend it to produce revenue for their boss, the government.

We are honest and we want to preserve our reputation with the IRS so if you don't want someone to do things legally, I recommend you go to another accounting firm that does tax preparation. We aren't the guys for you! It's not in our best interests nor yours long-term.

If what you want are CPA's, that by being thoroughly familiar with IRS tax law, including yearly updates, are well armed to confidently pursue every deduction and credit you are due, we are here for you. We can help keep as much of your hard-earned money in your pocket and out of the IRS's hands, legally. But if you want to outright cheat we're not interested and we're telling you upfront you're probably going to get caught sooner or later. We don't want to risk losing our licenses or contributing to the consequences you will have to face if you eventually do get audited.

As you're probably aware some audits are chosen just based on "random" selections. What most people don't know is that the algorithms of these computers are slanted toward choosing audits that produce revenue for the government. If your tax preparer uses shady practices it is more likely their clients will be audited.

Another reason you don't have to fear getting audited is because if you are, as CPA's, we can deal with the IRS directly for you. You don't even have to see them if you don't want to. Of course you are welcome to be present, whatever you prefer.

Either way our presence invariably leads to a faster resolution, keeps them on their toes and protects you from some of their overzealous auditors that try to run circles around you because you don't the law. You don't have to be bullied by the IRS!

Before we get back to the question of whether it is best to be aggressive or not, there is one more thing that needs to be considered.

An extreme fear of the IRS and getting audited can almost be a form of "emotional blackmail". I'm not trying to get all hokey with you, so please just bear with me for a minute. Many people cost themselves thousands and even millions of dollars over the years by forgoing deductions and credits that are due them out of fear of an audit that, 1. may never come and 2. if it does come, will turn up nothing because you have been doing everything legally all along!

So you might say there is no real reason to not take all the deductions you are entitled to, to give in to this  "emotional blackmail" and go overboard in giving the IRS more than their "fair share", especially since this won't even guarantee that you never get audited. The money that comes from deductions and credits is yours and you might as well keep it and use for yourself and your family.

So, now, all things having been said, you can make an informed choice on what you feel is best for you; what your financial situation is and what your personal feelings make you comfortable with. We are willing to play the game any way you want. We can either break our necks to get you every penny that is yours in deductions and credits, take a more conservative approach or anything in between. Whatever you decide we will be there to advise you every step of the way while leaving all of the choices up to you.

When you call or fill out the form above you can be confident that you can and will get the most personalized and professional tax preparation services in Boston, MA or anywhere on Boston's North Shore. You will avoid and be protected against many common problems in the tax preparation industry like...

        Missed Deductions, Credits And Audit Triggering Errors

        Tax Preparers With Only Weeks Of Training

        Tax Preparation Outsourced To India

        No Time For Questions During Tax Season

        Shutting Down After Tax Season

        Having Nowhere To Turn For Year Round Tax Advice

        Over 80% Of Past Returns Reviewed Have Errors

        Two CPA's Reviewing Returns Avoids Costly Mistakes

        We Want You To Be Our Client For Years To Come

        We Want You To Be Our Friend - I Mean It

There Is Very Good Reason To be Careful

Other companies legally can (and do) outsource their tax preparation to India or use 'tax preparers', with only a few weeks of training, not accountants and certainly not CPA's, never mind two of them.

With our '4 eye policy", at times, the second CPA doing the review will find another valid deduction or credit, even one that may take hundreds or thousands of dollars off your gross taxable income.

I know you might be thinking this spells carelessness but with hundreds of tax laws, legal deductions, valid loopholes, etc... anyone, and I mean anyone, can miss something. That's why it's important to have the 4 eyes of two CPA's look at your tax return.

Now I'm not saying, nor do I expect you to believe, that we do the return twice, no, but a second CPA will always thoroughly review your tax return before it leaves our office.

Unfortunately the goal of many tax preparation services is to get the return done, as quickly as possible, while simply avoiding the obvious mistakes and resulting legal liability that goes with them. They do not know all the intricate laws, have the proper training to find all the tax advantages available to you nor do they care. They are simply concerned about getting as many tax returns done in the shortest time so they can make the most money always keeping their butts covered in the process.They are not interested in your bottom line!

That's why when we review last years return we frequently, on more complicated returns, find errors over 80% of the time. It is also very common to find mistakes, from simple math errors to ones that borderline on being illegal or are blatantly so. These are the type of errors that trigger audits and cause big problems with the IRS. In these cases the auditor is not usually compassionate because you didn't know, after all it was you that signed the return.

Inexperienced preparers take money out of their clients' pockets. When we amend these returns the deductions found, many times, can more than cover the costs of your tax preparation for the coming year and sometimes well beyond that, even years to come!

So who do you want preparing your taxes; two, experienced, Certified Public Accountants, someone in India or one guy that may have only a few weeks of training? What system do you think affords you more protection?

Now at this point you might be thinking "This is just a lot of baloney, these type of things can't really happen". I know because when I first heard about some of them I found it hard to believe too, I actually found some of them even shocking, but this is the way it really is and I'm barely scratching the surface here.

At Your Service 52 Weeks A Year

If you think about it, there are many situations that come up year round that affect your taxes. That means that when national tax preparation services or other private tax preparers shut down after tax season they leave you, on your own, scrambling to find someone for advice on financial decisions that affect your taxes throughout the year.

The sheer inconvenience of this can cost you dearly in time and, many times, financially as you can be stuck having to make uninformed and thus unwise decisions. To avoid this, you may have to delay making a major purchase or sale, such as on a house, while you are desperately searching to find the vital tax advice you need to make such an important and likely life changing decision. This could even put the whole transaction at risk as the seller or potential buyer looks elsewhere. A good tax advisor that is available on demand can really save your neck in these situations.

So, if this type of personalized service you want and it feels right to you than please pick up the phone and give us a call or fill out the form above right now and we'll get in touch with you very soon. We will meet you at your home or you're welcome to come to our office - whatever works best for you.


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