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Respect For Your Family, Home And Schedule Make Updating Your Home With A Beautiful Tile Installation As Painless As Possible!

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Many Tile Installation Companies Install Tile In 'Wet Areas' With Mastic (Glue) Without Waterproofing (Ask Them), So They Mold, Mildew And 'Melt' When Wet.

Most Companies Don't Provide Enough Sub-floor Support To Avoid Cracking.

Increase Your Enjoyment In Your Home And It's Beauty And Value By The Installation Of New Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass Or Any Kind Of Stone Tile Including Marble, Granite Or Travertine With A Minimum Of Muss And Fuss!

  • Design & Make Your ‘Dream Tile job’ Come True!
  • Replace Old, Tired, Worn-Out Floors!
  • Update Showers, Tub Surrounds And Walls!
  • Make A Beautiful Backsplash Your Kitchen's High-light!
  • Waterproofed Wet Areas Don't Mold, Mildew Or Rot!
  • Properly Supported Floors Don't Crack!

Beautiful Marble tile Installation In Boston MA

Retake The Full Pride Of Ownership In Your Home By The Installation Of Beautiful Tile And Do So With A Minimum Of Muss And Fuss!

Hi! My name is Kevin Kennedy of KBS Customs. I know you've put a lot of sweat and blood into attaining your home so you deserve to fully enjoy living there and have the total pride of ownership it should give you! It's a crying shame, but so many people live in their home, even for decades, tolerating what they consider ugly, or out of date, only to decide to remodel right before they plan to sell to increase their property value. This is where tile shows its beauty in two ways.

Beyond its amazing aesthetic beauty the other 'beauty' of tile is that it doesn't wear out. That means you can update your home now and fully enjoy it while you live there and it will still be in good shape when it comes time to sell!

Life is short. How much would beautifully tiled bathrooms add to the enjoyment of living in your home? What would new floors in your kitchens and entranceways do for your psyche? Or what would it mean to have a gorgeous backsplash as the centerpiece of your kitchen?

It doesn't make sense, day in and day out, year in and year out to put up with the annoying feeling of having tired, worn out bathrooms, floors and walls. Or that feeling that you're almost living in someone else's home because it was decorated by them and displays their taste, not yours. Or worse yet, looking at tiled floors or walls that have started to crack, break or even come loose because they were never built correctly.

It's hard to bite the bullet and make the decision to go ahead with remodeling your home. It means some aggravation and it certainly costs some money but most people do it eventually any way, at least they do it before they sell their home, but the sooner you do it the sooner you will begin to fully enjoy living in your home.

Why live in your home for years, maybe hating the way it looks only to update it right before you sell? I personally don't understand it. Your home is most likely most expensive possession of your life you might as well enjoy it, it's crazy not to!

Give us a call or fill out the form at the top of this page, and we’ll start the process right away to get you the beauty and enjoyment from your home you want and deserve. Master tile installers will transform your home before your very eyes and with a minimum of aggravation!

Make Retiling As Painless As Possible

If you notice above, I said with a minimum of aggravation. That's because no one can make your retiling project completely painless, it' just not possible. But by truly respecting your home, family and schedule we can minimize the inconvenience and mess to a large degree.

Showing up on time, being courteous, cleaning up on a daily basis,  realistically estimating time frames and then meeting them, not starting and working on another job while yours isn't finished and at the end of the job cleaning up again all are vital pieces to the puzzle to make it go as smooth as is humanly possible. The right size team of installers can transform your home promptly and in the most efficiently way possible. Not enough workers drags it out and too many just get in each others and your way.

Communication is the key to minimizing delays, avoiding errors,  needless redos and understanding your concerns and goals. I can honestly say in many cases I become friends with my clients and we keep in touch after the work is done! Please give me a call or fill out the form above and we can talk. If you're comfortable, I'll come meet you, look at what needs to be done and get you a quote (rates are reasonable) quickly.

If you're comfortable after that we can schedule the work and I personally will make sure everything that is written here actually comes to pass. Again, I'm not promising perfection, only respect, courtesy, honesty, cleanliness and communication but with that the rest comes pretty naturally. Soon you'll have beautiful new showers, walls, floors or whatever else your heart desires in the way of tile updated with a minimum of muss and fuss and you'll be glad you did! To top it all off, it's all guaranteed for 7 full years!

You might wonder why we do that and no one else does. It's simple. Outside of an earthquake, hurricane or some other disaster (in which case insurance covers it) a new tile installation, done with the right materials and methods will not cause you (or us) any problems So there is no risk in guaranteeing it. Actually if inside of 7 years something were to go wrong it's our fault any way and conscientiously we would fix it so really in giving you a 7-year guarantee I'm just telling you upfront what I honestly want to do and am obligated morally to do anyway. I know that sounds almost unbelievable in the world we live in but let's talk and meet and you'll see I mean it. If you think about it, this policy will probably keep you as a customer for as long as you live in the area too.

Make The Process Go A Little Smoother

First we’ll set a time with you to look at the installation. If you are already working with an architect or designer, we can consult with them directly to get plans or blueprints. If not, we can help you create a layout and design with your chosen tiles that will make the room look great and match well. We can make suggestions, but you are in complete control.

We know many of  the leading showrooms in the area and can steer you to the ones that will have more of what you’re looking for. Today you have more choices than ever before in tile. You may be surprised at how many ‘absolutely drop dead beautiful’ tiles are made these days. It’s not like what you remember from years ago! On our initial estimate, we can measure for tile orders so you will know how much to buy. This is vital to the projects success because there is nothing like running out of tile to delay an installation. At certain showrooms we can get you a discount and we are always willing to pick up the tile for you. (boxes of tile are very heavy)

We put our quotes in writing, usually in an email so you can get your information quickly. You won’t have to wait a long time to get answers.

Again, when the time comes for the work to be done, we’ll take proper measures to show respect for your home, including using drop cloths to protect surfaces and making sure we clean up the work site each day. Remodeling always has an element of dust, but we try to minimize it for your convenience and your family's comfort.

We will keep in touch with you on details so we are sure of what you want before proceeding. Some steps require your input, such as design and layout - that makes the finished product your job as well as ours!

What If A Handyman, Brother In Law Or Chain Store Installer Has A Better Price?

In the end, you have to decide for yourself, but consider a few things:

Tile installation is part building science and part art. It takes time to learn good solid techniques.

As we mention above, it is very common to see showers and tub surrounds that are not properly waterproofed. You've probably seen  black mold growing from behind in the grout joints or tile that is bulging, cracking or falling off a shower wall. This is because the shower or tub surround was not properly waterproofed and now the substrates (what is below the tile) are rotting away! It is so easy to avoid just by putting a waterproofing membrane directly underneath the tile. It only takes about an hour to do and the charge is minimal (about $ 100.00 labor and materials) but the results are long-lasting in the way of a permanent tile installation. 

Floors cracking are also a very common problem. This too is super easy to avoid by just giving the sub-floor enough support before you install the tile. Different types of tile have different requirements for support. For example stone tiles, such as marble and granite, are much more brittle and require double the support of porcelain and ceramic. This is a little known fact in the world of tile but is a make or break factor for a long-lasting crack proof installation!

Even when it comes to choosing the right materials - that can be a science in itself. For example, just choosing the right thin set cement with the scores available for different applications takes study, research and time. Just the wrong cement can cause an entire installation to fail, coming loose.

To develop the skill so the finished installation looks good literally takes years. If someone spends most of his days on carpentry or plumbing or anything else but tile work, how good will he be when it’s time to tile? Our tile installers spend their time on only tile work, and it shows.

Handymen often work on apartments and rental properties, and the level of their work may be OK in that setting. So they can honestly say they have experience but…. We consistently work for the best in the field, high end remodelers that don't have to and won't settle for second rate work. You don’t have to either, you can get the quality you and your home deserve and have the right to demand. Feel free to see our work and speak to our clients, the quality is second to none!

We routinely get calls from people who have had ‘bargain’ tile work done. Usually they ask: “Can you fix this?”. Unfortunately, the answer is almost always ‘no, we can’t… if tile is installed ugly, the ugliness is cemented into place.

Don’t let tile malpractice happen to you because the only way to fix a bad tile installation is to rip it out and replace it. You not only have to redo it, you have to buy new tile because there is no way to remove tile without destroying it and it's never reusable, never! I'm not trying to scare you but this is reality and we see it all the time.

You selected beautiful tile, but don't forget, they can be distorted into a twisted mess if the installation is done wrong! They can also come out looking great but in a short while fall off, crack or come up. It's much more common than you would probably believe. We give you the security of knowing your new tile installation comes with a 7-year guarantee on our work!

So go ahead, give me a call or fill out the form above and I'll call you and we'll start you on the road now to enjoying your home more with a beautiful new tile installation!

Kevin Kennedy


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